Casting Obscenities


  1. Jloopy

    Hmm… Fergus is hardly a substitute for the socks fox, but I still hope he doesn’t leave any time soon.

  2. Jackson

    In a world with so few occupants, it’s hard not to keep running into the same people.


  3. the_blue_jester

    True, but in a world where you can make up anybody you want by mere thought it could get very crowded very soon. Imagine if one of our heroes had split personalities

  4. Asok

    Just read through the archives and caught up so far, loving the comic! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  5. someone

    so bugs can mack light? nice

  6. I Forgot Meh Name

    some can even IRL,whats the problem?

  7. boring7

    This is good news, it opens the possibility that other characters will return to the narrative as well.

    Of course, “possible” and “gonna happen” are quite different things, but we shall continue to observe, and be amused.

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