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Throwing our hats into the ring.

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Holy crapping shat rackets. A comic. A new comic.

Welcome to Blank It. Come one, come all. Old and new. I’ll be your Master of Travesties, you can call me Lemmo. Some of you might remember me as “The Internet’s Hot Soup”, but I’ve decided to stop hiding behind the false veneer that I am either incalescent or made of beefy broth. But it’s true that I’m on the Internet, so I still have that going for me.

This is like when two superheroes collide in combat, only to come out as a championed duo unlike the world has ever seen. Aric and I have both been doing this comic and comedy racket for almost a decade both online and off, and we’ve decided to join forces to see if his comedy chocolate belongs with my artistic peanut butter. So far, the flavor has been delectable.

Seriously, though. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this, and now we’re really excited to finally share it with you guys. Come in, grab some couch, stop by the forums, follow our Twitters if you feel inclined, and enjoy the show.

We’ll start out a little slow, doing a trot and canter before we get into a full-blown ridiculous gallop of insanity. Stick around and have some fun with us.

That new car smell.

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I put my faith in the comic automatically updating at midnight, and it borked. I’ll let Aric the supergenius deal with it when he wakes up. In the meantime, I’ll stare it into submission or something. I dunno. It’s late, I’m on caffeine. Bear with us, folks. We’re still ironing the kinks out.

Trust Issues.

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Oh, the overwhelming insecurities of a new website. Is the comic pretty enough? Am I getting enough fiber? We’re only one week along and I already feel fat and unattractive, and I crave vast amounts of raspberry yogurt. My doctor says that’s perfectly normal, but what does he know, I bet he’s banging the secretary!

Okay, let’s just calm down and breathe. Find our zen place. Okay. Whooo.

Finding a drawing routine is still tricky for me, but I’m getting the hang of it. I’m usually drawing either Tuesday or Thursday evenings, and Sundays. Here’s a hint, though. Whenever I’m working on the comic, like a good Web 2.0 production, I’ll be streaming it over Ustream. Don’t bother memorizing that link, we’ve put a button up there on the menu. There. No, over a little bit. Oh Jesus. Hand me the mouse. There.

Also, if anonymity isn’t really your thing and you want to chat us up, feel free to drop us an email. We both have email addresses, of course, I’m Lemmo@ and he’s Aric@. Just keep in mind I don’t use a spam filter, I use a doberman.

Any last pieces of business? No? Okay then, have a wonderful afternoon, and help yourselves to the stale bagels and room temperature coffee on the way out.

Score one for the night owl.

Monday, June 16th, 2008

It looks like the auto-updater worked, right on the button at midnight Central Time. So those of us with more nocturnal habits get to enjoy our comic delight a whole quarter-turn of the earth before those so called “early birds”. That includes me, but not entirely by choice… I’m still working at churning out more of these comic nuggets for you to chew through.

I do enjoy the Monday-Thursday schedule. It’s like starting your week off right with a fresh dose of comics, and then waits awhile before satisfying you on that comic drought of a day during the tail end of the week. But still, thanks to the three-a-week crowd, we still get a high spike of traffic on Wednesdays (this has been extrapolated extensively and exhaustively by our whole statistical single week of being live). Maybe Aric and I can come up with a comic alternative for those days. A Wednesday Treat, of sorts. I’m sure most of you would prefer just another Blank It comic, but wow, these silly little strips take up a chunk of my time, and honestly, you don’t wanna know what goes into the proverbial hot dog on these things. I’m surprised more people don’t tell comic artists to get a life… I guess it’s because they don’t want to lose their fix. But anyways, until the day comes I can devote more time to this project, I’d still like to provide as much entertainment value as possible. I’ll talk to my cohort, perhaps we’ll come up with something.

On non-comic related issues, I saw the live performance of BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs. Given the population of the stadium and the language of the host, it’s obviously geared towards kids. But if you need to be a kid to enjoy a giant T-Rex roaring onto stage in quite literally larger-than-life size, hell… I don’t ever want to grow up. If this comes to your town, don’t miss it. You could YouTube the show to get an idea of what goes on, but it doesn’t nearly deliver on the experience.

Seven words you can’t say…

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

It was just announced while I was posting the comic that comedian George Carlin has died of a heart failure. He was 71, so it’s not like he burned out young, but he was definitely a cornerstone of my humor in high school so I’ll remove my hat for him.

On a happy note, Ian over at Three Panel Soul proposed to his wonderful girlfriend. Congratulations, man, I wish you two all the best.

I was just the best man in my ex-roommate’s wedding (some might remember the bride Mollu from the online comic Amuse Me!), when I procured the ring from my pocket, we played the treasure found sound effect from Legend of Zelda. It was a classic geek moment, and the humor did not go unappreciated by the congregation. Score one more for nerd culture.

Go check out the new comic at Bluestar Blues. Share the geek love.

Also, my dog just turned one years old and ate a bug.