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Going for the hat-trick.

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

As we slog through our third week, we’ve finally built a little momentum. The show is running well, we’ve got our routine down, and most importantly, you guys are stopping by to enjoy a sample of our comic pie.

Last night was a lot of fun on the Blank It Ustream show. Thanks to those who stopped in for a bit to enjoy the comic making process. It helps me stay on track, too, so I think this will be a regular thing. Expect another show either tonight or Sunday.

Also, we’ve been getting a good number of readers wandering in from our various Project Wonderful advertisements. I’m a fan of Project Wonderful, because it works like advertising should. We have sites we enjoy, and we advertise there knowing that you might enjoy our comic as well. In turn, we’ve decided to swap out some of our Google ads for Project Wonderful spots. It’s like the grown-up version of link swapping. Verra nice.

As he already mentioned, Aric’s going to be off shaking his improv thang for the next couple days. If you’re in the Minneapolis area, I suggest checking out the shows. The Neutrino Project is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Me? I’ll be spending most of the weekend on City of Heroes. I won’t be hard to find, my global is @Lemmo, of course.

We’ll take my spaceship!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

I told Aric this morning that I envy the crazy, the genuinely loopy characters that seem to live these impossible lives strung between the confines of the real word and the limitless capacity of their maladjusted imaginations. So I decided that if I ever get rich and famous, I’m going to pull out the proverbial stopper on the bottle and just go nuts. Like, Tom Cruise crazy. Rebuild my world view more around my wants and desires than the drab tangible gravel reality provides.

In other news, City of Heroes is still a fantastic video game. I just did some of the endgame content last night, and it was a blast. If you’re not sure why I hype this game so much, watch this video. If you’re interested, I’ll shoot you over a free trial, just ask in the forums.

Self-imposed Reality

Monday, July 21st, 2008

I haven’t gabbed in awhile because I feel like I haven’t thought up anything worthwhile to say. Then I realized I’m an artist, and generally never have anything worthwhile to say, so I might as well run with that.

City of Heroes just wrapped up their double-XP weekend, which was good times, even if I couldn’t get on to my preferred server half the time. It’s been awhile since I’ve sat at a kitchen table with other gamers and drank soda and listened to the iTunes equivalent of “mix tapes”. It made for some good times, as I already said. Pay attention.

I haven’t run the Ustream comic-cast in a few weeks, mostly because my comic drawing schedule has been erratic, but also because I don’t think there’s much appeal for it as a regular feature. But after having received a few requests to do it again, I’ll try to plan another for Tuesday night at 8:30pm Central time. We’ll see if that works out. I’ll twitter first, as usual.

On that note, time to make a feeble attempt to catch up on lost sleep. Really, I don’t think I lost much sleep at all, if you consider coffee a viable substitute.

On the Cusp of Things to Come

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

It’s hard for me to blog right now of things on the horizon, because I’m the kinda guy who will just spill all the beans about everything we’re working on, potential or actual, and that’ll just create a windstorm of false hopes and chomped bits*. So we’ll just start with the things that are already implemented and move on from there.

We now have a search feature, compliments of WordOwl. And for those who have seen services like this such as OhNoRobot before, let me give a few props and back claps to WordOwl by saying this. OhNoRobot is a great service, like an Applebee’s waitress. You forget her name immediately, but she brought you your mild boneless wings and a diet coke without a fuss and her uniform is in order. WordOwl, my friends, is like a personal butler bringing you your martini while you sit by the pool, and asks if there’s anything more he can do for you. So, kudos to WordOwl for taking such good care of us over here. We support the underdog.

I have news of more features and potential convention info coming soon, so I’ll try to get it all put together tonight and blog about it tomorrow. Tonight is a Wednesday, which means I’ll probably broadcast over Ustream, 9pm Central. See you there.

* For those of you who wish to correct me and say “champed bits” because they heard it on Webcomics Weekly, both words work and are not wrong, despite what some podcasters chatter about.

In Some Cultures, Writing and Drawing is the Same Thing

Monday, August 4th, 2008

It’s the little things sometimes. I put together some new buttons and banners for the comic that kind of captures the feel for Blank It. If you want some for your very own, you can snag them from the blah blah.

There’s even a chance you stumbled over here by way of these new fangled advermotrons. If’n that’s the case, pull up a chair. There’s donuts and coffee in the back.

I tend to martial art on the weekends something fierce. Not that I’m fierce, the regiment that is. Well, I took a how-do-ya-do to my right hand and mucked it up what have you. It’s pretty swollen around the thumb bone, and I can’t even hold a pencil properly. So, you can guess what this means for the comic.

Nothing, silly. I’m a lefty.