Cavalcade of One


  1. Zapheres

    Hey, first post I think. =D

    Ribbon whip?! Oh no! And that explains the gray thing. Aric, bug-boater extraordinaire.

  2. macksting

    Just for clarity’s sake, is that his shirt what he’s wearing on his head?

  3. Jloopy

    Yup, shirt. He wouldn’t want to get the top of his head sun burnt. Not that there is a sun, but I suppose it also might keep some of the radiation away… the radiation that gives off ambient light and comes equally from every direction?

  4. Goriath

    What new lands will these two discover next? Does the Purple Sea go on forever? Will Aric be stuck in the bug boat left at Lemmo’s Mercy?!

  5. Ray

    Poor Lemmo. Incidentally, I can never remember which one is Aric & which one is Lemmo. Mainly because Aric looks nerdy in my opinion, & Lemmo seems like a nerdier name to me. No offense guys. Also, where did he get the whip?

  6. macksting

    The whip’s from the ribbons and confetti strewn when the bug got cut in half by the Shovel Beam.
    I can remember Lemmo distinctly because he slightly resembles a character from Winter, and Aric wasn’t involved with Winter. Doesn’t help you much, does it?

  7. Kris-face

    If it helps, I’m naked

  8. Lemmo

    Which one, Leon?

  9. Telinicus

    that lil robot went down a hatch right? i wonder if that palm tree is actually a parascope and that island is the top of a submarine?

  10. macksting

    Sounds right, Lemmo. It’s the hat as much as anything else.

    Telinicus: An interesting idea. That would mean they could end up landing on it again, whether they want to or not.
    Of course, it’d be awful strange, since that palm tree was also the boat’s mast.

  11. camerbob

    Poor Aric. All the other people in the universe, all one of them, can walk on water, but he can’t. But, i guess he’s the only one who can go swimming in the purple goo. Also, when he went for an unexpected dip, you could see the island’s base, so it would have to be a really, really big sub. Oh, Kris-Face, that’s WTMI, waaaaaaaaay to much information.

  12. macksting

    After a brief reread of the comic so far, I side with Caspy and Goriath’s observations that Aric isn’t wearing shoes. I suspect this makes all the difference.

  13. Dave

    Thanks for my morning helping of weird. Great story, guys!

  14. Kris-face

    Camerbob, I wasn’t really. It was just a humourous interjection.

    (Actually, I was)

  15. Renee


  16. MBizzle

    I love the whip. And I love how Lemmo’s actually putting up with it.

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