Cerumen Impaction


  1. Kunay

    Ahhh so good to see this comic being updated once again! And to top it off the newest comic was posted right after I read Power Lifters!

    I’ve missed this webcomic so much :)

  2. NoriMori


    I could get used to this. ^^

  3. NoriMori


  4. Parrot

    I like Fergus better than the penguins.

  5. jack

    Ah. It’s oh-so satisfying to be able to do my routine check (every ten minutes, it seems) and see an actual update! How I’ve missed reading these adventures of Aric and Lemmo…

    What’s this plot development I see? The penguins have an actual role in this? Does this mean Misty’s coming back too? =D Ah, now for the long wait to Thursday….

  6. Nexall

    Again i can only see Fergus sending them to the penguins in order to cause some grave disaster to occur, as they seem to be common around around our heros.
    Also it is very good to be seeing this comic again… so… yay! :)

  7. Raiten

    Glad to see updates happening once more (I know I’m not the first to say it). On a side-note, I want a pair of parasox on my shoulders too.

  8. Raiten

    By the way, has anyone else noticed how there seem to be fewer environments being created lately? Like they have created enough areas that this… place… they’re in is starting to fill up, perhaps? I could be wildly wrong, but that’s part of the fun.

  9. jill

    He’s got the foxes in his ears!

  10. Nester64

    um…. are both lemmo and aric walking on water now?

  11. Physicsman

    @Nester64: No, they’re walking on the cardboard(?) cutout of the mountain that fell over from when the bug-within-a-bug-within-a-bug crashed into it.

  12. Ray

    Yay! We’ll soon have penguins AND foxes in the same strip! What could be better?!

  13. Wolfox

    I wonder if that excuse would actually work – sorry, did’na hear ya, I gots foxes in me ears!

    …worth a try.

  14. Defier of Physics

    Awwwww! Now I want a little fox! or a puppy!

    The plan: bring the foxes to the penguins so the foxes can accidentally and brutally murder the entire penguin populous with mouth-hugs!

    Seriously, though, I like the penguins. I am also still holding out for that flaming junkyard around the penguin metropolis.

  15. ruinah

    Just discovered this comic a couple days ago and just finished reading the archive, and I have but one thought: When are we gonna see Misty again? :D Love the comic, btw. I was a fan of Ashfield Online back in the early days of Keenspot, so I’m happy to see more of Aric’s work. Also, checking the about page, I’d almost completely forgotten about Lethal Doses til I saw it listed there. Might hafta re-read that. So yeah, new comic for my Webcomics bookmark folder! :D

  16. Socksbot

    Yay awesome comic is awesome and happy me is happy :P

  17. dagonboy6666

    never leave us agin

  18. switchblademx

    Aric’s hair seems to have calmed down, but the sideburns are becoming epic. Btw, I like the flaming junkyard idea. As well as anything on fire. Except our characters. Flaming lemmo is bad, unless its a fantastic four style flaming lemmo. That might be cool.

  19. Yossarian

    I still want to know what they socks was going to tell them before the crab!

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