Change in Perspective


  1. LinkCable

    OMG!? Is that a Cheese Robot?

  2. Lipkin

    That’s not a robot! It’s a walking cookie kingdom!

  3. LinkCable

    It does remember me the cookie kingdom.

  4. djeims

    The cookie kingdom shrunk!

  5. LinkCable

    But can Matter be destroyed? Or compressed…

  6. Jethro Rayne

    Um, ok, it’s not walking towards them, it’s growing from underneath their feet, soon to be vise-versa, only leaving the dynamic duo a little flatter…

  7. King ginger rules

    The foxes have the right idea… LEG IT!

  8. Tree McAwesomesauce

    Is it just me or does Aric’s hat look completely restored in the second panel?

  9. Shadows

    If you look at the top of the robot in the third panel it looks like the cookie kingdom. Does that mean that all the cookies like inside one Giant cookie?

  10. Physicsman

    @Shadows: Its a cookie piƱata!

  11. Me me me

    ummmm, what ever happened to the invisible town that was all crash/burned up? and the girl? what was her name? they gave us a brief shot, and then poof! maybe I’m a fool for asking, but…

  12. tez711

    The top of the monster’s head is IDENTICAL to the cookie palace, to clear up any confusion. Flag and all. But why is the palace-monster walking around anyway?

  13. tez711

    And what is that strange yellow glow?

  14. Renee

    Given their previous experience with robots, why is Lemmo calling to this one?

  15. Midoriko

    The cookie palace is sentient and decided to grow legs and run towards them just to see their faces. Hilarious.

  16. Shadows

    This is obviously what happens to anyone who escapes the cookie Kingdom. And they thought it was easy!!…wait…did I just say obviously when referring to BlankIt. O this won’t end well…

  17. Physicsman

    @tez711: maybe the glow is the power source? Remember earlier whn the cookie palace was sparking. Maybe that was the robot activating or something.

  18. Physicsman

    @Renee: cuz that’s just the way Lemmo is. Btw didn’t they only encounter a robot once? The comic has shown the robots several times but Aric and Lemmo never really saw them.

  19. Dave

    Where are those foxes going!?

  20. LinkCable

    Away from the giant cookie kingdom I guess

  21. Music-chan

    I liked how the light coloured fox ran off first and the second was like “wut?” and then the darker fox ran off as well. they are obviously smarter than Lemmo and Aeric. =p

    Come to think about it, the lighter coloured fox might actually be the smarter of the pair, just judgeing from this comic. I knew hanging around was a bad idea.

  22. General K. Oss

    It looks more to me like the foxes were distracted by something shiny or more interesting

  23. General K. Oss

    Another thing… On a blank canvas, how far away is the cookie kingdom robot thing? Assuming it’s the same size as it was before (and going by the title of the comic) the robot is still a long way off.

  24. Jackson

    @Renee: Lemmo is not predisposed toward prejudging robots on the basis of the deeds of their brethren. We’ll see in time whether this is a wise stance to take.

  25. Zapheres


  26. Gooberman

    Is the walking cookie kingdom stamping towards them, or is it running on the spot and gaining mass?

  27. Physicsman

    @Gooberman: or maybe both? o_O

  28. Ray

    So, the cookie kingdom is just a giant robot. So would that mean that the move-a-tube(s) is/are just parts of its body, such as its intestinal track.

  29. Zapheres

    Sadly it only now occurs to me that this is why the kingdom was getting all up n’ electrified before. Prisoner Escape Mode!

  30. Shirasong

    It looks to me like the robot thing is made of wood, no?

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