Change of Scenery


  1. Goriath

    Ok I’m really hoping now that we know that Lemmo is in RELATIVELY safety, we’ll find out where Aric and Socks are at

  2. Orion

    I totally called that one.
    And I would agree with Goriath. Is the bald man faring as well as our hatted friend?

  3. Keiichi

    …oooooooohhh-kay. That, I think, can be described as the weirdest opening to any webcomic I’ve ever seen.

    I wanna see what that was on the map – was it the bug, the mountain, or something else…?

  4. Arantor

    The blip approaching them on the map was the Giant Flying Nightmare Monster (when it was still in one piece)

  5. Ray

    I saw this coming from a comic away, but I still laugh. I just hope that Lemmo is safe and preferably not underneath the cardboard cut-out mountain.

  6. Renee

    “Wait a couple o’ seconds.” That’s what you do if you don’t like the weather in Baumholder. ^_^

  7. Alice Rose

    awwwww. Fergus is so clever yet mean.

  8. socksbot

    fergus is a redneck i know it

  9. NoriMori

    LOL, whoever said it’s made of paper was right! XD

  10. seananners

    MaxyDawg was right! ALPS MOUNTAINS STANDEES!!!!

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