Children of Sheth Better Watch Out


  1. a

    “attitude i can get behind” smells of william shatner.

  2. macksting

    Anyway, it’s an attitude he’s getting in front of, since he’s pulling rather than pushing.

  3. them1me1you

    ok, I know what’s going on. THIS IS BECOMING RELIGIOUS! first there was obviously nothing until they came and started manifesting objects and then they made an ocean, and now stars and sun? plus land. it is a pretty loose conjecture, but my speculations are usually correct. I doubt what I’m saying is a fallacy. . .

  4. Jloopy

    Maybe religion… but it’s a little early to be following the star to find the son of God.
    And the ocean is purple… what cruel God would allow something so hideous?

  5. Spiketail

    Just to expand on an idea thats been put out there…

    This is partially an idea powered universe. What you ladies and gentlemen stipulate often occurs. So it is Aric’s, Lemmo’s and
    you that determine what happens.

    In a way, you act as their subconscious. You see only what they see, and then you expand on that with what you have already seen. Everything you think could be whats running through their heads, and that (somewhat) determines the ideas they have.

    Just a theory I have anyway…

    As for what that star is…. another bug machine perhaps? the first ones parts glowed… If there was one, who’s to say that there isn’t another?

  6. Ray

    Perhaps the star is a (miniature?) sun of sorts? Or maybe a long-lasting explosion? Also it seems to have risen further above the horizon between the 1st & fourth panels. Still, why wasn’t it “blown out” by the wind?

  7. noisyparker

    Stars should able to go out and have dinner in peace. Though perhaps weird dinner experiences would fall under the heading of ‘the price of fame’.

  8. Zapheres

    When’s the last time you saw a star eat dinner? They probably like being bothered, though they never are, seeing as they make whatever touches them burst into flame. Fun life. =o

  9. Yogurt?

    Who is Sheth?

  10. Telinicus

    i wonder if we will be visiting the home town of the robot…. didn’t he run off in that direction?

  11. niklause

    how come in panel 2, Lemmo is waist deep in goo? can he turn “water walking” off or something?

  12. Gram

    “Naw. I think I’m learning.” Wisdom, there. Only two following the star, though.

  13. Dave

    What of the shovel beam?

  14. macksting

    I half expect the shovel beam to be the star, somehow.

  15. Renee

    They’re either gonna find a baby of sorts, or Socks!

  16. Renee

    The shovel beam is the source of the star!

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    (u u) aid him in his fight for world domination…and tacos.

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