Circumstances Dictate


  1. Bubble

    Dangit, Wendall, don’t rush her!!!

  2. Midoriko

    1. Aaugh he did that thing again!

    2. Yay this probably isn’t goodbye to Misty! And it seems that Misty is still not very good with the decision making–the closest she’s come is noting that fire is pretty.

    3. What was THAT? Was that the cookie king? Chances are it’s nothing we’ve seen before, since for one thing I don’t remember anything resembling that sound effect…

    4. This is the best comic EVER!

  3. Davian Wolfe

    hoyl crap the cookies name is Wendall? mann i missed that one i do hope misty stays because having a female would really open upa new range of possibilities and jokes

  4. McFlury

    Hm, so now we finally know the real name of Chip the Chocolated00d… Wendall. I guess it could’ve been worse :)

    And yes, I do think it is the Cookie-king arriving, or a part of his army to come arrest Aric (as I said before) since Wendall did say he was going to tell the king all about this just before he went into his trance thingy. And now he comes out he says ‘time to go’… Wendall be scary at times really :)

    Anyhew, wondering what horrifying thing will happen to Misty this time, making sure that we all are relieved she still wasn’t named by Lemmo (or anyone else for that matter)

  5. McFlury

    Also: I love the comic, nice and often update. Great great great! Keep it up :)

  6. Megan

    I am thrilled with this update :D Thanks for posting it.

  7. DjMcScoopScoops

    I think the penguins are attempting a second launch….. thats why wendell suggests the change of location!

  8. Cavada

    i think Wendall actually looks scared, so either he is indecisive about summoning his king or its something is afoot.

  9. vengerofthelight

    Scared? I’m sensing seething, sadistic rage of a soon-to-be satisfied variety…

  10. macksting

    Hmm. I forgot to add Chip/Wendall’s telepathy to the WMG page. It could be useful reference material.
    As to his name being Wendall, I’m pretty sure that’s just an off-the-cuff naming by Lemmo. It’s his thing. (His thing be rudeness.) Still, I’m perfectly satisfied if somebody can prove me wrong, that in fact Chip/Wendall was given a name prior, and that I’d missed it as well.

  11. Ziggy Stardust

    Oh shit, it’s Wendall is it?

  12. MBizzle

    I think Wendall is a perfect name for the cookie. Much better than 0s used as Os.

    \/\/ 3 |\| c| /\ |_ |_

    Haha, ick. I live to be obnoxious.

  13. Renee

    Yay, 1337!

    |/\| 3 |\| |} 4 |_ |_ ? ^_^

    I’ve always thought of 4s as A’s.

  14. macksting

    As to the Karoomb, while that differs in its onomatopoeia from most any others we have witnessed so far, its coloration has (I think) most in common with the sound of aircraft. Perhaps the Penguins are launching another ill-fated sortie.

  15. Jill

    Ill-Fated Sortie = band name of the day

  16. tez711

    wendall looks terrified! though whether that is due to his unexpected naming or to the ka-roomb is still a mystery . . .

  17. Fedorov92

    Wendall! It’s about time we get told what the characters names are… we just make up stuff and then half-expect that to be the real name in the end… although I do hope Misty stay’s as Misty. Then again, I don’t think she will ever be officially named, so it’s a moot point.

    As for Wendall… I like to think he was summoning the Cookie King or his army all along, and he just was interrupted, or sensed an incoming foe of some sort. Maybe bugs or penguins, but neither coming to attack the bunch we see here, as it is the bugs and penguins who are at war.


    KA-ROOMB is a very unique onomatopoeia. One that I’d like to hear the actual sound for… depending on how dangerous the next comic shows it’s source to be.


  19. Al Capone

    She is hot.

  20. Ziggy Stardust

    macksting, the coloring actually reminds me of… the shovel beam. Around which Lemmo and Aric first found the Unsettlement… oh no!

  21. macksting

    I think the shovel beam had more red, and the jet a solid yellow; I also think the present onomatopoeia has a fairly solid yellow. However, no matter who’s right or wrong there, I think we can both agree that this will involve fire.

  22. Ziggy Stardust

    Fire is fun, but Canvas-fires are worrisome!

  23. JamesLite

    The Canvas is nothing – What can burn?

  24. macksting

    The Canvas also can be dug through with a shovel. Thankfully, this setting’s physics is a bit whimsical so far.

  25. Ray

    For a moment, I thought the cloths in the background were a giant slice of cake. Lol @ me and my stupidity. But is the cookie’s name now Wendall?

  26. macksting

    S’far as we can tell.

  27. James

    Very Nice!

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