Cohesive Force


  1. PyroForge


  2. macksting

    Return of Automaric!

  3. PolleN112

    Aaaand there it is, someone has to be missing something or have something new attached to them at all times in the BlankItverse. It’s the law or the king will hear of it.

  4. SaintOfKillers


  5. CyberSkull

    So should the strip be renamed to Aric Days?

  6. Kid of Death

    Um….alright then. So let’s see, Aric appears to be floating in midair and the robot has turned into a puppet of sorts. The two robots are still on the ceiling, though it looks like a floor now, and Marina and Lemmo are who knows where. Did I miss anything?

  7. Jackson

    I’m not at all sure how that is supposed to help anything.

  8. Dana

    What is this – I don’t even –

  9. Raiten

    The cubicles are now under the floor? And what generated the blorb? Blorb blorb blorb. It’s kinda fun to say.

  10. Nexall

    well then… I got nothin.

  11. jaz

    this is one for the history books, guys. the day ventriloquism is introduced to the virgin (well, it *was* before these two got here) blank it world! by our very own Aric… um… [place nonexistent last name here]!


  12. Blankitharter

    coooooooooolllllllllll blorb

  13. Blankitharter

    Robot dancer, now Ventriliquism :) (sorry for spelling)

  14. ThisIsNotDan

    Looks like the robots are able to change shape and become body parts. Does that mean Aric’s hair ( and Lemmo’s hand are actually shapeshifted robots?

  15. NoriMori

    First Lemmo gets his arm replaced with wood, now Aric gets his replaced with robopuppet? Their arms just can’t catch a break, man.

    Oh yeah, and congrats, real-life Lemmo and Aric, for managing to set the crazy bar to impossibly high levels and then somehow top it. You got two “What”s and a “What is this I don’t even”. Let me remind you that you got these reactions from BLANKIT READERS — people who are always expecting the craziest possible thing to happen. There’s gotta be a Nobel prize for stupefying veteran BlankIt fans!

    Anywho. So. Is Aric now unable to speak without the robot cutting in and echoing it? Does the robot still have a mind to speak of?

  16. seananners

    hey kid, nice paul picture.You read F@NBOY$ too?

  17. Kid of Death

    @Sean: Thanks. Yea. I recently found them and started reading. Paul makes me laugh. Who’s your favorite?

  18. Dr. Arwael PHD in LWBC Explanations

    I’m tempted to speculate that by trying to force themselves in two different directions of gravity (Aaric being driven towards the floor and the robot towards the ceiling.) that they managed to accomplish this.

    The math behind this is complicated to the extreme most likely. And probably takes place in at least 11 dimensions. The equation might look something like this : Ωh-α/ΘtΨ(r,t) = HΨ = (h^2/Μ^2+V-r) Ψ(r,t) = -h^2/2mΨ(r,t)+V(r)Ψ(r,t)
    Which translates to… Trying to utilize Robo-Antigrav causes zero-point gravity effects rendering motion null… equals having said robot be turned into a handpuppet by a blob of green slime.

  19. Dagonboy6666


    I was’t surpised…..

    Okay a little. But I was very surpised because I rarely expect something to happen so it takes more to surpise me than your avarge bear. I mean human.

    @Dr. Arwael PHD in LWBC Explanations
    are sure it’s that simple?

  20. Dagonboy6666

    they realy need to fix that robot before eveything geos normal.

  21. random man

    Pants, hair, shovel beam, salabot/robomander, dissappearing trapdoors, purple selective bouyancy ocean, misty people, cookie kings, flying penguins, half an insect, selective gravity, matter creation, now PUPPETS? WHAT?

    This comic is awesome.

  22. Dagonboy6666

    opps on June 15th, 2011 at 5:14 pm I forgot to put the word rarely after the word very

  23. MultiversalInk

    @NoriMori: True. So true. What is this I don’t even.

  24. random man

    they’re only a bloink, a ding, and a crunch away from defying all laws of physics in this universe. They’ve already gone through blorb, BZERT, and klunklunklunklunklunklunklunklunklunk.

  25. joss

    Holy crap. What the heck. That’s pretty much all I’ve got.

  26. Nexall

    Off the topic here but anyone else notice how many new readers we have lately… They just seemed to come all at once. Well the more the merrier, also the more theories we can get to unravel the mysteries of this world.
    Welcome =D

  27. Dagonboy6666

    Your right. IT MUST BE AN INVASION. HURRY ATIVATE THE GIANT COOKIE ROBOT. What!!!!???????? Van Mudgett blow it up. We have no choice we must summon the great warrior of the shovel.

  28. Dagonboy6666

    oh no! SaintOfKillers has already learn the move what.

  29. jaware

    Look,I’m probably the only one thats thinking this….but I see love between woo and sandra.I dont mean like human and pet

  30. Kid of Death

    Wrong comic jaware. Sorry.

  31. yeah, looks like Cloud has some Competition.

    yeah, looks like Cloud has some Competition.

  32. opps

    OMG. I can’t blieve I made that mistake must of loaded up one of my sister’s comics by mistake. The backround is even diffrent. ughh. I feel Like a complete idoit. sorry.

  33. Dagonboy6666

    @Kid of Death
    LOL. I love your pic it makes everything you post look like a hilarous joke.

  34. Dagonboy6666

    in a citcom

  35. Dagonboy6666

    Omg, I just misspelled my email, twice. *bangs head on wall* what #@$$% is wrong with me.

  36. Dagonboy6666

    and I forgot the word the

  37. Dagonboy6666

    no wonder you guys don’t belive I’m a writer.

  38. Dagonboy6666

    I just have to get a realy, realy, good editer.

  39. seananners


    thats a tough question….possibly lemmy…but thats a 30% chance right there. (sorry if this is late.ive been playing left 4 dead 1 on xbox live)

  40. Kid of Death

    @Sean: Lol, Lemmy’s funny. Hardcore Nintendo fan. Lol, I love when he goes crazy.
    And it’s alright. L4D is awesome. I love those games.

  41. seananners


    do you know what happens to bill? Its on a DLC map.

  42. Kid of Death

    @Sean: In the first one or second? I haven’t played the first one in a while and I don’t have the DLC in the second one.

  43. seananners

    The sacrafice DLC map

  44. Kid of Death

    I don’t have that one, unfortunately. What happened to him?

  45. seananners


    zoey,louis,francis,and bill head south.they need to lift a bridge to keep going.they turn on an old generator and start lifting it.its so lound that it calls 3 TANKS.the generator stalls and the bridge stops.bill goes out to fix it and… probably know the rest…

  46. Kid of Death

    Stupid tanks. I hate them. They didn’t kill Bill did they? o.o

  47. seananners

    ……. ¥_¥

  48. Kid of Death


  49. Dagonboy6666

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