Collision Prone


  1. Chaos Theory

    I KNEW IT!!!

  2. Dana

    IT’S GONNA BE MISTY! In her pretty, fully solid self. =D I’m all excited now!

  3. Sir Matt

    CALLED IT. well, sort’of.

  4. Dave

    How do you know it’ll be Misty and not Pericles Van Mudgett?

  5. AlexThander

    I’ll take your bet, mysterious off-panel possibly solid person.

    I’ll bet this mysterious talking sandwich of questionable origin.

  6. E_is_for_Eric


  7. Sir Matt

    Evidence that it is Misty: she thinks something bad is about to happen to her. As we know, bad things seem to happen to her alot. It seems to me to fit.

    Still, we all know how good Blank-it is at never surprising anyone. Only time will tell.

  8. Dasaki

    woo! they return! I love these people of monotonous origin and living. XD

    Also Misty!

  9. Arcacious

    it’s not going to be Misty…she’s solid now and it won’t be Van mudgett because he was exiled, i’m thinkin it’s just gonna be a random unfortunate being XD

  10. Arcacious

    also, I don’t mean to double post, but is force from all the kindness going to not only crash into the ground but also break threw it and cause something similar to the shovel beam???

  11. Parrot

    Their clothes look so comfy.

  12. rocklight

    Okay, if it’s not Misty or Pericles, I’m naming them in advance. …
    Harold Jeramore Smitt. Or, if female, Geralidine Farlowe.

  13. Nexall

    I’m putting my bet on Misty also it looks like Pericles at the bottom of the second screen.

  14. Nexall

    Back in his misty form of course, sorry for double posting.

  15. Canada


  16. theshim

    The moment I saw the “brush up on the archives” post, I thought “Misty.” Good. :)


    Hooray!!!!!! :D

    This development totally makes my day!


  18. NoriMori

    Lol, aww, I love the suspense and dramatic tension of her speaking off-panel… XD

    Love the line. “Anyone want to bet that crashes into me?” I just remembered WAYYY back when the wing was through her non-solid body and Lemmo was like, “I wonder what would happen if I named you now…?”

  19. Arkatox

    Well it’s about time!

  20. cheetaboy7

    I think it will be Misty, tho it wont actually hit her, because she is solid now.

  21. boring7

    Oh goody, the unsettlers are always delightful.

  22. Biligum

    The fact that we all think it will be Misty seems to me to be the most obvious proof that there is positively no way it could at all be Misty.

  23. MarshmallowRadiation

    Is there a reason “Misty” (it might not be Misty, or her name might not be Misty) is off-panel?

  24. Dran

    @Dave- He Exploded
    self destruct started-

  25. Dran

    Also, why do they become solid when they are named, ideas anyone? possibly…. i got nothing :p

  26. Jethro Rayne

    #1 YAY MISTY!
    #2 What happens when Fergus starts calling the villagers names??? Cause you know he’s going to insult anyone and anything…

  27. Swiss Chopstix

    This made me giggle uncontrollably for some odd reason.

  28. Chaos Theory

    @Dran: They’re not solid because pre-naming, they have no identities of their own and thus don’t need to exist fully unless they need attention of some kind. When they’re named, they are irrevocably identified as a unique person, thus rendering their mistiness pointless.

  29. runedeadthA

    I’m sure it’s just Eeyore standing off to the side there.

  30. Evan

    I like the guy at the bottom, near the center. He has an upside-down LOL face.

  31. Nexall

    also I’ve been wondering for a while when did the giant bug get fixed? I mean when it crashed into the mountain it was split in half because of the shovel beam right?

  32. macksting

    Nexall: We’ve seen evidence there’s more than one giant bug flying about, so I assumed this was yet another one.

  33. Kris


  34. Dvandemon

    Huh, they’re essentially doing the crowd exclamation of incoming danger. Like everyone is raising their voice or gasping

  35. Renee

    I’m pretty sure that’s going to crash into Pericles Van Mudgett, given how distraught he appeared the last time we saw him.

  36. Arcacious

    @Nexall it was never broken aside from it’s being split-in-half-ness it was just stuck in the mountain, was fixing it the entire time they were gone, and I have a question which was still never, How did they get their shoes back? which i accepted that it is needn’t be answered

  37. Shaelyn

    MISTY!!!!! YAY!!!! <3

    I've kinda been dying for this.

  38. NoriMori

    @cheetaboy7, That doesn’t make any sense. She’s solid now, so that means it WON’T hit her? That’s kinda backwards.

    @Sir Matt, Good at never surprising anyone? I can only interpret that as a diss on Blank It. In any case, Blank It’s actually been pretty good at surprising us a lot. It’s just that now there are (presumably) less surprises to introduce to us.

    @MarshmallowRadiation, Um, it’s a literary device? It’s actually pretty common in comics and graphic novels for a character that hasn’t been seen for a while to speak off-panel the first time they’re reintroduced. It gives the readers a sense of uncertainty and suspense. (“Is that REALLY them? IS IT?? OMG IT TOTALLY IS SQUEEEEE!!!”)

    @Arcacious, That whole post didn’t make any sense.

    @Evan, I totally agree! Glad I’m not the only one who noticed the epicness of that guy’s face. XD

  39. NoriMori

    Oh right I forgot… It would seem the villagers have become more tolerant of solidness… Hope for the future? :\

  40. Chaos Theory

    @NoriMori: I think that was sarcasm on Sir Matt’s part.

  41. PyroForge

    WAIT!!! If they’re all focused of the giant landmass that will fall on them, how can we see them? They can only be seen when someone’s paying attention to them.

  42. Deadreaver

    Duh, they are so worried about eachother, that the attention is enough to make them solid.

  43. Sir Matt

    I just want to confirm what Chaos Theory guesed about my last post containing some degree of sarcasm.

    @NoriMori: Don’t be so fast to jump to conclusions. My guess on cheetaboy7’s logic is that Misty (if it’s her) is now solid, so if the island lands on her, she dies (assuming death exists here); if we assume she is not going to be killed off here, then the island must miss her somehow. I had a thought earlier that the trapdoor might land on her. Then she could emerge with her hair full of wood splinters.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  44. marca311

    My bet is on the Misty being behind that comment.
    She seems to have a history of things crashing into her. (or should I say through)
    What will happen?

    PS. I would totally be the guy looking at the commenter who said that.

  45. Defier of Physics

    Misty’s back! I can’t wait for her grandiose panel of awesomeness where she strikes a cool pose and says a one-liner while dressed in apparel to represent her shenanigans in our heroes’ absence! Maybe we’ll even find out what her name is!

    Also, if that turns out to not be Misty, I’m going to facepalm and possibly cry.

  46. NB_FF

    I would be willing to bet that this ‘Misty’ person (water style pòkemon, go!) has been exiled, in much the same way Perciles was.
    It can’t be her saying it’s going to land on her, it’s just a random mist person.

  47. Chaos Theory

    @NB_FF: If you’re going to guess about these things, it would help if you would at least know the fan names for the characters.

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