Combustible Claim


  1. Megan

    hehe.. this made me chuckle.

    It also made me crave smores. or s’mores if you’re so inclined.
    mmmmm…tasty marshmellowy crunchy chocolatey goodness….

  2. Megan

    marshmallowy* I always have to try to remember that it’s with an A!

  3. Rando

    I’m sure the awesome goodness of marshmallows can make them mellowy as well. :D

  4. Midoriko

    Mmmmm, s’mores…

    I was going to make another comment by the second panel but I forgot what it was when I started thinking about s’mores.

  5. Ziggy Stardust

    That is an excellent law, but I love setting things afire, so I would lose a lot of my stuff that way.

  6. macksting

    You’d need to adapt, to set other people’s things on fire instead.

  7. Mo

    Your penguins are cute, Lemmo. :)

  8. MeVicky

    But WHAT will he do with a crashed ship that, as we have already asserted, is on fire?

  9. Ziggy Stardust

    Put the flames out? Fashion BODY ARMOR for Live-Action Role Playing? Have a huge bonfire and sing kumbaya? The possibilities are limitless!

  10. WeeGoblin

    A point people may be missing (as they seem to be distracted by fluffy gelatinous blobs) is that in a blank universe these guys seem to know which direction to go. They don’t look like they’re WINGING it (sorry!)

  11. Thanatos

    Of course they know where to go! To the denizens of this universe, everything is as it should be and always has been and always will be.

  12. Zapheres

    Are you guys dumb?! They’re gonna follow the runway back, of course!

    Mmm, s’mores…

    What I’ve been wondering though:

    A – What could the penguins possibly be storing in those packs? It’s obviously not tools. After all, they just ditched their jet. And what’s the tube in the gray pack? Antenna? Suck tube for a water pack? One may only ponder…

    B – What’s the Master-Penguin doing with that brown pack that’s empty?

    C – Does the red hat imply that it’s cold? And is there any connection to the first hat experience? :O

    Dun dun duuuuuh…

  13. Lemmo

    Hey chatty kathys, go pitch some of these conjectures into the wiki!

  14. Renee


  15. Teru

    There’s only three panels to this strip.

  16. Ray

    Mmmm, smores. Still, there hasn’t been much character development to Misty lately, has there?

  17. My other name is also awesome.

    I`d say going from nothing to quiet girl is development.

  18. Shrew

    I mean she´s 9 strips old and we already know she is quiet and likes fire and is startled “easily” with all this other stuf going on it´s a wonder we know so much.

  19. switch

    Misty got awful quiet awful fast when she saw the penguins. I think she knows something about the penguins that she’s not telling Lemmo. …

  20. switch

    EGADS! What if the penguins are working for Pericles Van Mudgett, and were sent to abduct Lemmo, and Misty is an agent of the penguins! When their plan to run him over with the jet failed, and the subsequent crash, they fell back to using Misty to lure him to a certainly unpleasant fate! Oooh, the horror! The treachery! Or I could have mistaken the shock in Misty’s eyes as guilt.

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