Complimentary Airlines


  1. Renee

    Would that happen to come with complementary snacks?

  2. Parrot

    I’m going to try and win an argument like this.

  3. macksting

    Parrot, remind me to try to do the same. I think the result would be similar, sans the buoyant Matryoshka platform.

  4. Me:D

    Wow only 3 comments? And lol this is funny

  5. Nexall

    I’m wondering why Fergus is rising and falling with the platform. I mean he made such a big deal about having wings himself. 3rd panel is the best in this one :)

  6. Maccally

    Ha! I love Lemmo’s “Hey!” I agree with Parrot, this could very well change the way I argue XD
    A very nice strip! :)

  7. Canada

    @Renee: The peanuts love your tie.

    Also, this is similar to how I argue already: There is yelling and screaming happening around me, and I’m acting incredibly calm and sensibly getting my point across. It catches your opponent off guard and has won me at least a couple arguments.

  8. NoriMori

    Hey, didn’t someone say that compliments would make the bug fall? Lol, well you called it. XD

    AllGreatAllTheTime from failblog would love panel 2. Sounds like something he would say. XD

  9. Chaos Theory

    My entire English course this year is about efective argumen, yet this still seems more effective than six months in that class.

  10. Two

    Well, I imagine Fergus is trying to keep in insulting range while that thing’s busy hurling around everywhere. What are the chances of them actually landing that thing like this?


    I think that they’ll have to resort to mildly kind comments in order to land safely, otherwise they’ll just crash. That being said, do they have any horizontal momentum, or’re they just hovering over the purple mountain set?

  12. Ray

    Well, this will be interesting. I wonder if we’ll get to see someone killed by kind words.

  13. jaz

    this strip and the one before it *might* just become my favorites! I love lemmo’s “hey!” in the last panel too!


  14. Nester64

    my new favorite insult is the one in panel 1

  15. Alexthander

    This is the battle of the ages folks.
    And in one corner, we have the master insulter, the flying anger, Fergus!
    And in the other corner, we have the cheerful warrior, the calm champion of compliments, Aric!

  16. Canada

    Is it that compliments are making it sink, or that the lack of insults is making it not rise as quickly? We don’t exactly know the power any given insult has.

    Also, inb4 they run into the shovel beam.

  17. Me:D

    I actually think its both haha and maybe ferguson is to injured by compliments to fly
    OR he’s to into his insults so he’s not even thinking about escaping OR he is trying to send it down to kill them lol

  18. Blairwyk

    The shovel beam is gone. It was taken by the guy with the weird name to make the giant cookie robot.

    Reading what i just wrote made me doubt my sanity.

  19. random man

    i believe his name was pericles van mudgett, if i am not mistaken.

  20. Canada


    Damn, you’re right.

    It needs to come back! :D

  21. Nexall

    no remember they escaped the explosion on the shovel therefor recreating the beam.

  22. Chaos Theory

    You can see it being recreated right before the intermission with Captain Phenomenal*.

    *I have no idea how to spell this.

  23. Renee

    @Chaos Theory: That is correct! :)

  24. Wolfox

    so… is THAT how you steer it?

  25. Dominic

    Anyone else notice that the giant bugs’ wings are horizontal and its thorax is glowing while fergus is speaking but its wings are vertical and it stops glowing while Lemmo is speaking. I’m not sure if that’s significant at all, just an abservation.

  26. Richiegates

    This reminds me of a Glee episode. xD!

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