Conching Around


  1. macksting

    Yay! New location! Any intimations what to call this teleplorgation room? Or should we get a better look at the Kingdom before we decide on names?
    Also, do you suppose the conveyor belt just fed them onto yet another conveyor belt?

  2. ME!!

    Charlie and the chocolate factory
    chocolate factory
    chocolate factory
    Charlie and the chocolate factory
    La La Lala !!!!!!!!!

  3. Megan

    dot dot dot. They’re not on the canvas anymore! (?) and Misty and the Unsettlers didn’t get transported!! I’m discombobulated over here!!

    Also: this reminds me of Willy Wonka. Would that he had these mysterious cookie powers!!

  4. heng

    they have a fabrication… for cookies… giant sized cookies… sentient giant sized walking talking cookies…

    is it wise to stay covered in chocolate and find out who normally eats those???

  5. Hellendrung


  6. sampson

    just when I thought I was beginning to understand this crazy place. What about misty? What crazy adventures is she going to go on now?

  7. Eric

    I guess it wasn’t quite Death by Chocolate

  8. Ray

    That’s a very strange way of instaneous transportation. I wonder what Aric meant by “MRUMPH!”, if anything…

  9. Fedorov92

    On their way to the King’s throne room, I presume…. and holy mother of all that is good and.. well, holy! Take a look at Lemmo’s hair in the fourth frame! It’s at his shoulders hahaha!

    And yayyyyy a background!

  10. Atlas

    Baaah, when I start to make sense of this, the blasted cookie comes and gives them a background…
    Why must you taunt me foul cookie?

    On a different note, is there any logical reason I am singing My friend Jack by Death By Chocolate every time I check this site?

  11. Puppet

    I suddenly have a craving for cookies… Now where did I leave my extruder..

  12. Midoriko


  13. Bubble

    wow, this really is the first time we’ve seen a background! Whoop! Funnily enough, I’m drinking a choclate milkshake right now. Although a choclate cookie would be nice too..

  14. Jill

    Can I just say Google Reader only showed me the first three panels? That was baffling.

  15. JamesLite

    methinks Aric may be trapped inside a chocolate shell.

  16. Haoh

    Chocolate Factory ?! Haha, how much I read much I like this history ;D

  17. camerbob

    Well, time to up the medication…

  18. AdamZero

    It’d be rather funny the Aric and Lemmo (RL guys not just the characters) actually DO decide to name Misty ‘Misty’ or have her named Misty, somehow. Fan interaction is great with webcomics.

    In the First season of shadowgirls, the climactic battle included fan-characters who were existing at the same time in the comics forums.

    Twas awesome. (I wasn’t there, sadly)

  19. Miesa

    oh god that is amazing

  20. them1me1you

    actually there was a background (at least from the perspective we saw it at) underneath the fallen mountain. geez it seems so long ago.

  21. NoriMori

    Reading this whole comic a second time around, still hilarious. XD

    “Horrifyingly delicious”…pyahahaha!!!

  22. dagonboy6666

    I know what the cookie did. It used choas control.

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