Confective In Nature


  1. Evilscary

    Wow, just came across this comic and I’m HOOKED! Brilliant concept, and great artwork as well!
    I’m bookmarking this sucker!

  2. Echo

    Welcome Evilscary lol tell all ur friends, cause once the comic reaches 2,000 unique readers we get bumped up to 3 updates a week ^^

  3. penguinbassist

    How _would_ Misty drink anyway? Would it go through her, or would it become mist too. Interesting… And maybe Hand Juice should be marketed in the real world.
    “I could sure use one of them extra hands right now!”

  4. Jackson

    My guess is that Unsettlers only drink drinks with no names.

  5. Ray

    So how come we didn’t see her in pain before if it hurts so much? Well, anyway, that removes some practicality from her current form. If she was like a ghost it would be a bit more useful, but oh well. Hopefully Lemmo arrives.

    I really want to see what he thinks of Misty and the plane. The inside of it is strangely colourful…

  6. CyberSkull

    I don’t think it’s pain she is describing so much as a sense of invasion?

  7. macksting

    Hand Juice on the real world market. Hmm.
    “Give yourself a hand!”

  8. Megan

    I have to agree with CyberSkull. Even if you’re being pummelled by hundreds of marshmallows… it wouldn’t hurt per se, but it would be mighty annoying.

  9. macksting

    Either way, she did say she’s explaining it poorly. Bearing previous comics in mind and what she presently says about how it felt, I think I’ll try to stay on the fence about how it actually feels.

  10. Sillytwist

    @ray dont you mean Aric?
    @macksting nice slogan lol

    How did she know about marshmallows? are there even marshmallows in this universe of theirs? and i think the fact he brought up hand juice is because it would go right through her… so he said i bet you would “hate” it because it would hurt her.

  11. tez711

    sillytwist, the hand juice was referring to all the arms. she hated the arms, thus she’d hate hand juice . . .

  12. Ziggy Stardust

    Well, when Aric drank hand juice while he had two hands, he had a hand growing through his brain, and Misty’s talking about arms punching through her brain- this is probably what Lemmo’s comment is about.
    On a second note- aaah! Look at Misty’s hips! I’m going to go cry in a corner and maybe eat a gallon of icecream.

  13. Lipkin

    Hey, we can actually see her hips. She’s gotten clearer.

  14. Lipkin

    Oh, and about marshmallows, how would Aric and Lemmo know about lock and dams? Or riverboat commerse? Or even water for that matter?

    Just because something doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean they don’t have knowledge of it.

  15. TLA:RJC

    How do they even know Englilsh? They didn’t even know their own names at the beginning, it’s like they were just suddenly there with no memory of any life before, possibly no life before. And isn’t it convenient that the faded ones speak the same language? Maybe they created Aric and Lemmo……

  16. Ziggy Stardust

    I realized what Misty’s hairstyle reminds me of! The female lead in the Disney animated movie Hercules, Meg!

  17. Philboro

    like EvilScary up there, found the comic today, bookmarked it. I’ll try to help spread the word about it, share the love and whatnot. Anyway excellent work guys.

  18. Midoriko

    @Ziggy Stardust Aaaugh that had been bothering me! Thank you!

    You know, as Misty talks about herself, she’s giving herself individuality. I wonder if she’ll lose the ability to fade away entirely even without being named.

  19. macksting

    @Ziggy and Midoriko: *twitch*

    TLA:: I looked through the comics after Aric asked himself if he forgot Lemmo’s name like a jackass, and as far as I can tell they knew names, English, and all manner of things. Like society.
    I will also point out that Aric, in addition to knowing what ram pressure is, also specifically stated that at one time he wanted to be alone. We do not presently know if he was referring to his mental state on arrival, or his mental state after being pressured to reapparel himself.

  20. Megan

    Well that was fun! What’s next?

  21. Niall

    I’ve just stumbled across this comic thanks to the guys at, and I’m very glad that I did. Best webcomic EVER.

    It won’t take you long to get to 2000 unique readers – I’m certain.


  22. Odasity

    Love this comic! How do I establish myself as a reader? Do I just read or do I sign up? I’ll be telling everyone about this!

  23. Sillytwist

    @Niall welcome to the comic glad u liked it (YES ANOTHER UNIQUE)
    @Odasity welcome to the comic u just have to come to the comic every update day

  24. Paige

    I love this webcomic, Im bookmarking! :D

  25. mrdantownsend

    This is an amazing comic I just came across it. Read from beginning to here in about an hour and I want more!

  26. Writers_Block

    Spectacular comic, I read all of them from the first one to this one in a single sitting.

  27. g_rock

    First of all, found the comic yesterday, now am addicted and began going through withdrawal when I ran out of archives. Best thing to hit the interwebs since ever. Anyhoo,
    @TLA:- I think the question of how they know things goes to one of the core issues in the comic. Are they creations of the canvas, or vice versa? My view is that they are the only two things that exist independent of the canvas, and that they existed before outside and ended up in this place with amnesia. They know what they knew before, but don’t know about their previous lives or names.
    @macksting- I looked through, and they didn’t know names, until Lemmo named both of them (its kind of his thing :) )

  28. Leroy_Octopus

    OMG This comic rules! I started reading a month or two ago, but haven’t posted a comment yet. I will now be posting every update.

  29. Cavada

    great comic, definitely bookmarked. I hope to see good things of it.

  30. Lipkin

    I wonder if she’ll say something like “I’m sick of being incorporeal!” Only to poof into solidity, having just named herself “Sick of Being Incorporeal.”

  31. ananas

    high expectations with this comic already!

  32. Sampson

    I’ll be honest, this is possibly my favorite comic right now. I’m never disappointed with your imagination. I really want to see what its going to be like in a year or two. Will this odd plane of existence become populated? What about the map? Is the map controlling everything? Will we ever really know? Is there a god? Whats the difference between margarine and butter?

  33. macksting

    “@macksting- I looked through, and they didn’t know names, until Lemmo named both of them (its kind of his thing :) )”

    GAH! I stand corrected.
    I will say, if they were created by the Canvas, they were created with minds and memories.

  34. Teru

    I don’t think they can name themselves, which is why she went searching for Lemmo specifically.

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