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  1. Sir Matt

    Oh yeah!!!!! Mega fun coming!!! Now we get to hear Aric’s REAL internal dialogue.

  2. NoriMori


  3. General K. Oss

    Aric is a balloon!!! Time for a parade!

  4. Clint

    Srsly, you knocked it out of the park with the art on this one.

  5. Ash3ton

    This could be fun to hear Aric’s internal diolog and all the sarcasm that comes with it

  6. Colonel Luxray

    So let’s see… now Aric has Robomatic-FixIt-Hair and a Robomatic-ThoughtSpeaker-Hand. He’s slowly becoming an android.

  7. mgbeers

    Omg is Aric in trouble…

  8. Sir Matt

    Some people have commented in the past about Marina’s dress not being ideal for running around this strange universe. I wonder what Aric’s “thoughts” on the subject are. We may soon find out.

  9. MultiversalInk

    Love how Aric is being dragged by his shoelaces here ^^

  10. Kid of Death

    Aw, I can’t help but feel sorry for Aric here. Very funny though. I like it. I hope his shoe doesn’t come off.

  11. roxxorz2008

    Oh! This Video. I’ve already seen it before…

  12. 69allthetime

    Excuse me, I am new here.

  13. LULZ_KID

    Hey you want to come talk about this?

  14. Hellhound

    I wondered if we would ever find out what happened to that cell phone. Way to go Larisa.

  15. Dagonboy6666

    Deos anyone else think divine sprit or floating hi guy when they look at that second panel?

  16. Kid of Death

    Hey Hellhound. First off, wrong comic. Second, copy/paste? Just one thing, I hang around here and I recognize that comment. I’m not stupid.

  17. macksting

    Impressively, this means he really should be putting his foot in his puppet’s mouth.
    You know, rather than his own.

  18. djeims

    Aric’s hand likely the new home for his brain. So he probably shouldn’t cut it off.

  19. PolleN112

    This is making me sad, I think the team is being strained by Marina’s presence.

  20. Frozz

    I luv the bottom mid panel, take it out of context & it becomes a nice yoai scene ♥

  21. NoriMori

    I love Lemmo’s face in panel four. His face is like “What.” But looking almost concerned at the same time.

    @Frozz… Haha! Haha… Ha… *that was half-amused half-nervous laughter, btw* I think shounen-ai would be a more appropriate term here, as yaoi carries connotations of extreme explicitness… Or perhaps the TVTropes term “Ho Yay” would be good too. I like that one, let’s go with that one. :D

    I love how Aric looks like some meditating “I am one with the universe” person floating in the air cross-legged. XD

    I was looking up stuff about eye colour on Wikipedia, and thought, “I never really noticed what colour Lemmo’s and Aric’s eyes are”, so I came here to check, and I realized to my dismay that we don’t see Aric’s eye colour because of his glasses! WHAT COLOUR ARE HIS EYES MAN???? Or is this like “Arthur” and unlike everyone else he just gets the black dots for eyes? “Hey people, you know how you thought that the reason I only have black dots is cuz the glasses obscure the rest? Well guess what? BAM. The glasses are off, and STILL NO SCLERAE. That’s right, everyone else gets sclerae for their eyes, except me. Because I have glasses. They serve as my sclerae when I have them on, which is most of the time. I DON’T NEED SCLERAE!!”

    Sorry for my rant. XD I really wanna see Aric’s eyes.

    Oh wait! First comic! Second panel! It looks like his eyes might be GREEN! WOOT! Can we get some confirmation on this?? :O!!

    Again, sorry for freaking out. I’m tired. Tired = giddy. Sorry. ^^

  22. Lemmo


  23. Dagonboy6666

    ever since I played thet part of morrwind with Vicce the weird god like person guy. I’v automaticly assoiscted Being hi with being holy and now have trouble telling wether Aric in the mid top panel struck me as being holy frist or if it was being high.

  24. did it work

    jmillart wrote:

    Personaly I love this comic. Sandra and Woo helped me through german class!

  25. did it work

    jmillart wrote:

    Yes, I can block in comments on blankit mwahahahahahah. I am a genius

  26. blankitharter

    MY NEW NAME IS… GUY PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. GUY PERSON!!!!!!!

    Didn’t their mothers teach a buddy system? GO Lemmo. BOO Aric:)

  28. Yes Indeed

    Nori, in the first comic, his eyes are grey. I put the picture in paint, and zoomed in and selected the color of his eyes and they were grey. . . but Lemmo seemed to have already answered your question soooo yeah.

  29. GUY PERSON!!!!!!!

    Maybe his eyes are all the colors put together. If we split his eye color somehow, he could have RAINBOW eys. O yea jk on the boo Aric..

  30. GUY PERSON!!!!!!!

    @Did it work yor evil laugh should be capped for EMOTION

  31. NoriMori

    @Yes Indeed

    Okay, so in that comic they’re grey, but in the one Lemmo gave me they’re brown? Interesting! But at least now I know for sure what colour they are, at least if we’re going by Lemmo’s link. Btw, thanks Lemmo! I feel so much better now. :)

  32. NoriMori

    When are Aric and Marina gonna notice that Lemmo has his arm back?

  33. MarshmallowRadiation

    I think they did back when Lemmo first got his arm back, grabbed them with both hands, and said “need a hand?”

  34. Lao Tsi Arwael, Philosopher

    So… Aeric and his robo-hand puppet have become…

    All though, having some of your innermost thoughts projected… that would be troublesome. (At least for me. I have some most unenlightened thoughts from time to time. Generally, directed at the neighbor who keeps playing one song over and over at night. Just loud enough for me to hear through the ceiling.)

    Anyways… Onward onto the path of enlightenment. Perhaps Aeric and his robo hand will become samyaksaṃbuddha. Who knows….

  35. Dagonboy6666

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  36. JasonSquare15

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