Crustulum Lex


  1. Midget9

    That mouth still doesn’t seem to close, and I wonder what king Ginger meant by help…

  2. Bubble

    Facebook always tells me when this updates XD
    Well, what might be hard for the cookies, might be different for teh boys… so, they might not be in such a bad sitch after all

  3. Megan

    Wow. I’ve never seen cookies look -less- delicious =/ I wouldn’t be tempted at all… stale buggers.

  4. tez711

    Shouldn’t the 3rd panel read “And if you refuse TO help me . . .”

  5. Silarn

    I like their little cookie shields.

  6. Lemmo

    Thanks tez, it’s fixed.

  7. g_rock

    Oh, god, Silarn I hadn’t noticed that. Where d’you suppose those came from?!? Are they using their own infants as human (i know…) shields? Thats sick! I think I’m gonna toss my cookies! (yeah I did! ;p)

  8. Ray

    Well as long as he doesn’t imprison them or use them as an ingredient for his palace or such, I think I’m fine with him so far.

  9. Renee

    Cookie law is harsh. Hard carrying…wow. o_o

  10. Niemi

    Looks like the cookies are going to war. I wonder who they are going to fight penguins?

  11. Fedorov92

    Does he need something named, I wonder??

  12. Jevning

    @Niemi: If they refuse the king it’d probably take most of those little cookies to force Lemmo and Aric to the location of their hard carrying sentence.

  13. Jill

    I like the wafer!

  14. camerbob

    what are their legs made out of?

  15. me.vicky

    What’s the deal with cookie law? Has King Ginger not noticed that Aric and Lemmo are NOT, in fact, COOKIES?
    Penguins have penguin law, cookies have cookie law, so Aric and Lemmo should have human people law. Which should include no pants. :)

  16. Haze23

    wow those cookies look grim. I felt like they were angry at me for eating a cookie while reading this.

  17. Ziggy Stardust

    Their legs are made out of sugar paste, maybe.

  18. Timeline

    I really love this comic series, it’s original, imagine that.

  19. Aequitas

    “gasp” I already finished everything today?! I just started reading and already i’m at today…i should slow down -.-

    I still love it though. I wonder what has become of his socks.

  20. runedeadthA

    I bet he wants a queen baked or something, that’s what movies have taught us right?

  21. jeims

    What could King Ginder’s palace be missing? A name?

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