Cuadrado Uno


  1. Jeevani

    Woah, Lemmo’s line in the last panel is really similar to something I said just the other day! “Nothing scares me more than anything else!” (my mum was threatening to ground me and take away all my art supplies)

  2. TheDudeWhoAbides

    Interesting how in the beginning, Aric was the worrier, and Lemmo was the chill one. It would seem positions are reversing.

  3. Megan

    I adore how this comic can be both philosophical and amusing :D

  4. Midoriko

    Unless… Unless something runs into them first! *thunder crash*

    Like a tiny robot friend.

  5. macksting

    Or a whole company of them.
    I wonder when something will come of that? It may yet be a while, or all this heart-warming sharing of feelings may also have an undercurrent of the pair of them waiting to catch the bunch of ’em off guard.

  6. Ray

    So, is the background supposed to be changing colour? I mean, to my knowledge the void is part of the universe, so unless it’s constantly changing colour, I think it should be consistent.

    Oh well, MST3K Mantra(Sort of.): “It’s just a comic, I should really just relax.”

  7. Fedorov92

    Wait… IS the background greenish in the middle, or is that an optical illusion?

  8. Ziggy Stardust

    I agree with Lemmo. Trapped forever in an empty land with nothing ever to happen… gives me the shivers.
    however, I doubt this will occur in this webcomic, for two men sitting around bored to death does not make for enticing updates.

  9. Aaron

    Lemmo had some serious trut’ goin’ on right there, even though Aric did threaten him if Lemmo ever got too existentialist (god I love Aric’s line back then)

  10. HappyHead

    Ray – The background has been shifting colors from panel to panel since the start. (Strip #2 is the most noticeable example.) I think it’s probably just to make the strips look a bit less plain, otherwise someone might have commented on it already. The faint color shifting also allows for “mood lighting” to a limited extent, despite not actually having any real lighting or scenery to show mood.

  11. them1me1you

    “Yeah totally, and like, what is time?”
    “If you ruin this moment with existentialism, I will chew through your optic nerve with my molars and bury my pants on your eye sockets.”
    Great line Aaron, I agree, great line indeed.

  12. Dr. Juess (pronouced Juice)

    Hey. Ive been a reader since way before the threat was reached, since about the third update. Calling you guys out. This free form universe you guys created had some great potential, but the lack of any form of plot or storyline gets a bit stale. Literally, we have seen Lemmo + Aric go in circles recently. The number of loose ends is piling up, and its hurting your story. If you arent going to follow through on a plotline, you had better be sure that there IS a reason you are including it. Still love it though, going to take a lot more than this to make me stop reading.

  13. Megan

    Dr. Juess (rhymes with Suess) if you want a comic with a plot line and numerous open threads, go read gunnerkrigg court (believe me–it’s amazing). If you want a story that only goes in one direction (forward), go read the Phoenix Requiem. However, if you want a fantastic COMIC about 2 guys stuck in a blank universe with hilarity, philosophy, one-liners and mystery continue reading.

    If you’ve been reading since the 3rd update, obviously there’s a reason you’re still here. You should know by now that they have the story planned out. If it no longer excites you… Y’know… I just recommended a couple comics you can jump ship for. How can you be ticked that “they’re not following the plot line /whine” unless you’re in the development process?

    Just relax a little, and enjoy the ride.

  14. Gordy

    I love that last line.

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