Curtain Falls


  1. Jeremy

    I love the way the cookies are drawn, made me laugh :D

  2. Jethro Rayne

    Ahhhh, so the cookies are not ‘quite’ the evil ones here. BUT they did want the shovel, but for what purpose?

  3. Lipkin

    I don’t think he’s being entirely truthful, and I don’t just mean about claiming to have destroyed Aric and Lemmo. If the cookies were exiled, why was a cookie’s note on the shovel warning against taking it, lest the king hear of it?

  4. E_is_for_Eric

    The End. – That made me smile.

  5. Ray

    Huh. So what happened to the cookies? I doubt they’re dead. But I think it’s still worth pondering. Who knows where they’ve now set themselves up….

  6. IamSam

    Loving the comic so far, been here from the beginning and it’s awesome watching it go.

    Oh, and you forgot a “G” in the last panel, I suspect.

    Yeah, I’m nit-picky.

  7. Physicsmaster

    “And then I destroyed you. The End”.

    Best… Line… Ever!

  8. General K. Oss

    @Lipkin – Pericles probably wrote the note and put it on the shovel to deter any cookies from interfering with his plan.

  9. TheBean

    doh, spelling error: “I gained control of the kin(g)dom’s…”
    it’s missing the g

  10. Jeremy

    clearly pericle has sent the cookies to live the rest of their days on the island out in the purple ocean

  11. Ninja

    I’m starting to understand this… I think something is wrong with me…

  12. Ninja

    Sorry for the double post, but was the shovel beam energy harnessing thingy in the cookie kingdom to begin with, or did Pericles make it? And if so, how does he know this stuff?

  13. Lemmo

    Fixed the typo. Carry on.

  14. Yogurt?

    I think Pericles can harness the power of the beam, being of the beam and all.
    And I expect L and A have sneaked out while Pericles was talking.

  15. Andi

    Then I destroyed you -the end. So funny!

  16. Music-chan

    OH! That’s what was in the bag he was carrying! *smacks forhead*

    Also, I love how he didn’t actually destroy them. I mean, I’m sure he’s planning on it, but in truth, THEY destroyed his robot, not the other way around.

  17. Spencey

    The end? Hmm… but which end?

  18. Dauntasa

    Yeah, he hasn’t destroyed them yet, but if they don’t think of something fast then they’re totally boned.

  19. CyberSkull

    Man I want some cookies!

  20. TheBean

    who banned the cookies from the cookie jar?
    Perciles banned the cookies from the cookie jar…

    @CyberSkull – Too bad there are no cookies to be had.

  21. Chase

    Well, if the cookies are enslaved by Pericles, it might explain the reason why some of the other cookies were trying to free them.

  22. socksbot

    Omg he took the kingdom, the king will hear of this!

  23. wmExplicit

    they probably ended up walking away while he was talking.

  24. ThisIsNotDan

    What I don’t get is the time frame for all of this. It wasn’t actually THAT long ago that Lemmo and Aric were in a totally cookie-controlled cookie palace. Unless you wanna talk about days passing between comics or something. During this presumably brief time, Pericles seized control of the cookie palace, drove out the cookies, and turned the palace into a giant robot? Just seems like a busy morning, is all.

  25. Thanatos

    @NotDan- if a civilization can rise from the shovel beam in so short a time, I’m not surprised that he could overthrow another kingdom in less time

  26. Dauntasa

    Notdan, Pericles apparently took over the castle about five minutes after he got there. Aric and Lemmo get turned around shortly after they leave the palace, and when they see it again, it’s already got this electric stuff around it.

  27. Defier_of_Physics

    With a weapon like that, I doubt Pericles would have trouble taking over the kingdom. I like the way the takeover is drawn, by the way.

  28. Jonathon David

    “The End.” XD I love it!!! Guy REALLY has to get his story told, dang!

  29. them1me1you

    looks like the beginning of Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

  30. Bluesox

    Lol! I say the end for everything, like when I finish lunch or something. But seriously, that’s funny! So like, what’s the real story? they’re obviously not destroyed.

  31. dagonboy6666

    He deos realsie that Lemmo created the shovel beam thofre creating him right?

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