Defining Uninominals


  1. Arantor

    The dude in green has a really bad memory; not only can he not remember his own name, but he couldn’t remember if he’d be told Green-Hat Guy’s name.

    But those paying attention should already *know* the names of the characters, even if the characters don’t themselves. (Dramatic irony, anyone?)

  2. Yogurt?

    It looks like they dont have names. (I just red all of the comics so far to be sure no names have been mentioned.)So I am guessing the characters have no memories prior to the start of the comic.
    And I am wondering what the shovel beam will turn to…

  3. Yogurt?

    I mean into

  4. Arantor

    Well, since the Shovel itself is a new item, I wouldn’t expect it to change just yet, but hey, why not?

  5. Yogurt?

    I dont think it is still a shovel bt instead some ash and liquid steel (or some other metal).
    But I could be wrong and the Shovel is fine. I mean does wood burn ang metal melt in this strange world.

  6. Edmond

    I love this strip! Hot damn.

    Brilliant use of simple illustrations and clever dialog. Once the shovel started its physics-defying conversion into light, I started cheering. I’m totally hooked now. This is going somewhere interesting.

    I already have a crush on Mr. Black-Haired Science Guy. Mmmmm. Plus, he still has both his hands, which is a plus.

  7. MaxyDawg

    Why isn’t hat dude bleeding?

  8. Atmos42

    Shouldn’t he have a charred stump? The molten mass of metal that was the shovel should have cauterized it. Of course, we aren’t exactly talking about a Newtonian universe here are we? After all he should be in extreme pain and bleeding if the cut was clean. Great comic, keep up the good work!

  9. McFlury

    Well, if a limb is cut off it sometimes happens the human body responds in such way that it closes the blood vessels at the end (for a while). That way the wound doesn’t start bleeding right away (but eventually it will start bleeding of course, just not right after the accident). Also there might have been enough adrenaline in his body to prevent him from feeling the pain just yet.

    Or of course our two friends are living in a sort of Garden of Eden indeed, where there of course is no pain and probably not even blood-spilling.

  10. Brady Kj

    Yeah, it’s impossible to tell. Say, who thinks he’ll get a robot hand or something? And I really hope the shovel stays in the form of a weird hyperfast shovel beam, because there’s no way it’s getting any awesomer.

  11. Vassago

    Their is pain, he hit him with a shovel, and hat tackled glasses, both of which involved the character reacting to pail by rubbing their head or saying oww [or something along the lines]

  12. Renee

    Grammar is overrated. Just keep your there, they’re, and theirs straight; as well as your then and thans, and all rights as two words. @_@ Though, thought, through, and tough do not all sound the same, either.

  13. Funkbot

    I do believe it’s “Them’s ain’t socks!”.

  14. socksbot

    LOL “if that makes the idea more appealing” he just really wants to name somethin

  15. Me

    love the crap on his hands stub…..

  16. Kate

    “That is not a pair of socks”?

  17. M

    I only just realised how disturbing neutering really is…do not get this thought in your head!

  18. Switch

    Thank you M for noticing the most crucial peice of information here.. neutering? WTF?!?!

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