Degrees of Exuberance


  1. Jloopy

    The abilities of the fly seem unimpeded by both being cut in half and having nothing functional inside to begin with.

  2. reader

    Socks didn’t grap onto a streamer? Sadness is here.

  3. Kristina

    They left socks behind. ;_; I hope he’s following them on the ground.

  4. .

    he’ll probably return many stips later surprisingly.

  5. shin

    If everything changes when they leave it behind will socks change too?

  6. Miesa


  7. camerbob

    Hey, shin! Thats a good idea. I’m thinking…a flying coyote bird?

  8. Briarios

    Roo, adventure! A flying coyote bird…would be so incredibly awesome…

  9. MBizzle

    I’m going to miss Socks…

  10. DragoNero

    does sox catch up using tails’ power?

  11. DragoNero

    tail’s power = Myles from Sonic & Tails XD (olddddddddddddddddd)

  12. Craze

    This comic reminds me Samuel Backett’s Endgame, a heavy existentialist play in which a dysfunction family continue living lives devoid of meaning or substance in a post apocalyptic world devoid of all life except for them. And also waiting for Godot, another of Becket’s plays about two men who wait endlessly for a man named Godot (take off the -ot to realize the true subtext).

    There’s some other modernist/postmodernist works that this reminds me of, but it’s been too long since my 20th Century English Lit. class so i can’t remember, hehe.

  13. switch

    Great googamooga you are just full of useful tidbits. It’s cool you see things at more than face value.

  14. butterflied412

    Bring back Socks, I liked that little foxy;)

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