Deliberate Handwaving


  1. Jethro Rayne

    Um, black and white awesomeness? :D

  2. Alcest

    wow i’ve recently found this website, and i really LOVE it :D
    you have a spanish fan ;)

  3. King ginger rules

    I dont think they had time to coulur as it is alot oh drawing and detail

  4. King ginger rules

    Those cookies are real chipbiting milkdipper’s

  5. Physicsmaster

    @King ginger rules: hey watch ur lanuage!!! There are children present.

    The king will hear of this!!!!

  6. lemmo

    I’ll mention it here, too. I didn’t have time to color last night, I’ll color it tonight. In the meantime, if people wanna take a stab at coloring it themselves, I’ve posted both a PNG and Photoshop PSD if anyone else wants to give Blank It some vibrancy.

  7. Soma

    I FREAKING LOVE COLORING… gotta go at this…

  8. Shadows

    Imagine an animated Blankit, actually don’t. I just did and my head exploded from the epicness.

  9. Midoriko

    Hahahaha, this robot-robot sure is whacky. Now I must at least try some coloring!

  10. rickster051

    i’d color it, but my printer’s fried :(

  11. Soma

    Anyone wanting to see can do so at:

    ahhh. now for some sleep.

  12. Fedorov92

    This is EPIC… Lemmo can control a thousand foot high robot… oh no… OH YES

    @Soma- LOVE IT

  13. E_is_for_Eric



  14. Bluesox

    OH! OH!! I love coloring! I’m pretty good, but I don’t have any experience on the computer yet… Wacom tablet for b-day! Yay!! ….Ok, this is so funny! wave!! I almost feel bad for Aric, I’m kinda both when it comes to epic rides…

  15. Ray

    Now that is an awesome robot. Very, very awesome. Even if it is making your friend scream for his life.

  16. DefierOfPhysics

    If I were Aric, I would hate Lemmo right now.

    Now the castle robot has been provoked. Oh no! What will happen?!?

  17. Jonathon David

    @ Psychicmaster dont be a tattletale, im sure the king has MUCH more important business than to deal with – wait

    *remembers Aric*

    Great cake, what a crumblicker that king is!

  18. lemmo

    And the color comic goes to Inusushi! yaaaay!

    You emulated my colors well. Almost TOO well. *schemes*

  19. boring7


    (not annoying)

  20. marca311

    At first, with no colour (I’m canadian) I thought “WTM?” (What the Moo?) But now it is in coloured awesomeness and now I’m happy!
    *falls off cliff for no apparent reason*

  21. Flo

    ahhh, I’ve been expecting Lemmo to pull something like this. and it was *_AWESOME_*.

  22. tailsteak001

    Here’s what’s bugging me: in panel 1, Aric and Lemmo appear to be in the same hand. However, in panel 3, they’re in separate hands!

  23. socksbot

    Lemmo dominates this universe most likely acting as a catalyst draw the crazy adventures whereever they go theory is the universe is basically changing to suit him anyone thoughts?

  24. Retlawcz

    They are in the same hand because the giant robot just cracked its knuckles in the previous comic strip.

  25. littlebeast

    Where did the parasox go?

  26. dagonboy6666

    I could take that cookie on one on one. yaaaayyy *misses cookie robot and breaks hole in the ground nad becomes the dagonboy6666 beam*

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