Dere He Go


  1. Tomixcomics

    Ooh! I’m first? I’m never first.

    Anyhow: LOL! Very funny comic. A bit anti-climatic but that still doesn’t explain why the background is bizzare.

    Also – I wonder if there’s any reason why all the colors are less saturated?

    And I LOVE how Lemmo is drawn in the last panels.

  2. cyber95

    Blue light!
    What now, huh? WHAT NOW?

  3. Socksbot

    MEGALOL new aric looks epic and lemmo looks so funny scared since there is still the absence of the bug I am going to stick to my dream theory until indefinite proof I’m wrong

  4. Amethyst

    New Aric looks pretty much the same, just with less color. But at least he got his pants back.

  5. Jaz

    This just seems so in character for lemmo, I love it. This is why whis is a web COMIC, comics are funny.

  6. Scytale

    I think what everybody should notice is that in panel 3, Lemmo is not just some lame copy&paste from panel 2.

    The author has actually drawn the same character in the exact same position twice, and I think that deserves some praise.
    The lazy copy&paste trick has become so commonplace it actually makes me wince each time I see it.

  7. HappyHead

    Aric has shoes again!

    Also, yay for non-lazy artists who take the trouble to re-draw stuff instead of cut and paste. It makes things feel much more realistic in a way – just because you’re trying to hold still (while standing on one foot in a “I’m running” pose) doesn’t mean you won’t twitch, or your clothes won’t shift and sag.

  8. Jacob

    So… Aric is alive.

    I’m still calling the eyeball scenario.

  9. Chados

    Shoes *and* pants, Aric? Where the heck are they?


    Yay! They’re up to their fantastic antics again!

  11. Zakk

    Haha! Zam to all your wild theories and crazy conspiracy comments! they were just walking in circles! Fanfrickintastic!

  12. Ryan

    John McClane would be proud.

  13. cheetaboy7

    FIRST! to say that this is the FIRST! time we have seen Aric since the FIRST! story, and this was originally posted on the FIRST! of July.

  14. E_is_for_Eric

    If Aric is wearing shoes, that would mean he most probably has on socks. If he is wearing socks….

    Then socks the fox is…

  15. Mr.Biggles

    All we need now is a fighter jet to crash right in front of them full of penguins

  16. Music-chan

    hahahaha, red light green light!

    And of course, I also noticed the pants. But considering they’re not even in the same place anymore, this shouldn’t surprise me.

  17. MultiversalInk

    Person We Assume Is Aric enters the picture! Love Lemmo’s expressions here ^^

  18. Riuk88

    Green Light! lol!

  19. Renee

    It’s good to see the duo together again. ^_^

  20. juztin

    has anybody guessed that they might be in a fog, it would explain the muted colors, the weird “eyeball” effect and that they couldn’t find each other

  21. Moo


  22. Spencey

    Great work as always – I notice that the backgrounds no longer change colour. Is this a significant plot event or a change or artistic direction, I wonder?

  23. BigBadRIchard

    OH COME ON!! I got up at 2 in the morning and I’m still not first. On the bright side it shows that there are people with even less a life than me. Oh and I’m happy to see the duo together again. The anticlimatic reapearance of Aric somehow makes it more epic.

  24. Ray

    I pity the person who fails at a green light like that. Oh well, it’s still funny, & I mean no offense to Lemmo, of course.

  25. E_is_for_Eric

    @BigBadRichard – I’m not sure what timezone you’re in, but this is updated on Monday and Thursdays in the US. (It’s currently Friday here.) — So while getting to the comic at 2am can sometimes ensure you are the first to post (I’ve managed it a few times myself) – You would have to do it on the correct day.

  26. Xajek

    Lemmo’s face is hilarious here.

  27. Xajek

    Also, Khakis for Aric? I think someone dressed them while they were sleeping. It wasn’t me, I swear!

  28. matt b

    no this one is a looping universe every 10 ft haha

  29. Unlisted

    So, Lemmo lost his overshirt, while Aric got shoulder pads, pants, shoes, and I’m guessing socks. Is that where they yellow overshirt went?

  30. Daniel

    God I love this comic.

  31. Flo

    Aric’s here! YAH! maybe he can figure what’s going on!

  32. cheetaboy7

    God loves this comic too. It’s THAT awesome.

  33. TheFoolishPhilosopher

    The world is a canvas?
    And it’s becoming bent?

  34. Music-chan

    I just had to go back and compare. Aric’s shirt is a different colour. It used to be yellow and now it looks mostly blue. Shocking!

  35. Socksbot

    @ E_is_for_Eric nooooooo don’t fill my head with the possibility of that the sixes cannot be gone

  36. E_is_for_Eric

    @Socksbot – I know, I’m pretty concerned about it myself. Hell, I’m worried that Misty is gone. I know we’ll all find out in due time… but so many unanswered questions give me a lot to speculate!

  37. cheetaboy7

    Misty can’t be gone! She was my favorite non-main character!

  38. cheetaboy7

    Did I say was? I mean IS!
    She’s still around isn’t she?

  39. NoriMori


    “I think what everybody should notice is that in panel 3, Lemmo is not just some lame copy&paste from panel 2.”

    If it makes you happy, I noticed.

    “The lazy copy&paste trick has become so commonplace it actually makes me wince each time I see it.”

    It can be good, though, if you change a couple of things, and the mega-similarity is just for comedic effect. It almost functions as a pregnant pause, but without the ellipsis.

    Like, in Fruits Basket, when Tohru meets Ayame for the first time: She hears Shigure say that Ayame is Yuki’s big brother. Panel One: She sits there, digesting this information. Panel Two: Completely identical, a clear copy-and-paste; but now Tohru’s mouth is open and she’s like “Eh?” It’s hilarious. I laugh every time.

  40. Kid of Death

    I wonder where Aric got the new pants and shoes?

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