Despite All His Rage


  1. E_is_for_Eric

    I wonder if Lemmo will rush over and help Aric out of his make-shift stocks before he falls and does a faceplant. If he does, he better start moving now, and quickly.

  2. Renee

    Bad things happen in this universe when people are named.

  3. Ray

    So…. The board is sentient?

  4. Music-chan

    While the whole ooze-thing is totally awesome, part of me is just like “get on with it already! I want to see who’s shouting!”

    Also, i see wut u did thar with the title.

  5. aric

    You think you’re going to find out who is shouting. That’s adorable.

  6. Jaz

    “anxious jr. the third.” best. name. ever. I love the lat panel, but what’s with aric’s face? is that an “AH HA!” face or more of a “HOLY S*** I’M GONNA FACEPLANT AND IT’S GONNA HURT!” face?

  7. RGSwan


  8. macksting

    Squishing between the boards was an interesting (if sickening) solution to this problem. Sadly, the problem had more components than he knew. Nevertheless, while it ended badly in classic Aric style, it was a very Lemmo solution.
    I wonder if they’re gonna solidify. They may not, which would leave us with this new superpower to ponder.

  9. Daniel

    What if aric was turned solid again while he was still in the board, and they have to go to the shovel beam again, restarting the whole process again!

  10. Defier of Physics

    If that side of the box is indeed falling, than what is on the other side? Is it more box or something far worse?

    Also, I like the font for the “squeeze” effect. I’m sure Mr. Anxious Jr. the Third would be proud.

  11. Rentok

    I’m looking at the whole “they aren’t quite solid” thing and wondering if they are going to have to stand on each others’ shoulders to reach something, Aric of course having to stand on top, only to squish Lemmo, then Lemmo stands on Aric just fine due to his previously-displayed walk-on-liquid abilities.

  12. Ashsprout

    Thats great. Aric forgot how to go with the flow again and now hes going to face plant. lol. Mr. Booming Voice is certainly being annoying though… Just get on with it!!

  13. Music-chan

    @Aric Well, I used “see” as a very unprecise term. It’s more like, I want to see where the story goes next, or something. I dunno. It’s too hot to think and I feel like I’m about to acheive a gelatinous state much like Aric and Lemmo.

    Also, if he’s the third anxious jr, who’s the first and second?

  14. Mr.Biggelsworth

    Aric : Horray
    Lemmo : Yeah!
    Aric in the third panel : Oh No!

  15. Mr.Biggelsworth

    Fourth Panel I mean

  16. Socksbot

    I believe it’s a robot shouting cause of the font

  17. Defier of Physics

    Clearly Mr. Loud Voice is speaking through an intercom. Clearly. Thus, the being talking could be a stick of celery and still sound like a robot due to a low-quality microphone and speaker. Clearly.

  18. Music-chan

    @Defier of Physics Clearly!


    Mr. Anxious Jr. the Third. Hahahaha. I’m gonna remember that one. This comic made me laugh quite a bit. Aric’s & Lemmo’s expressions are priceless in that last panel.

  20. Mel

    I’m thinking the glimmering light which can be seen thru the cracks of the box might be a clue to what’s outside… Perhaps something similar to the glimmering hamlet people? (maybe the unnamed lady is trying to help them out)

  21. Flo

    “Oh, you think you want out, don’t you?” I’m pretty sure that means that robot voice knows what’s going on outside.

  22. The Duke of Gravity

    Aha! I have it! The box IS the voice. Race of sentient box people, totally it.

  23. CasualOtaku

    Oh Aric…don’t you know you’re supposed to actually listen to the disembodied voice unless it mentions death, torture or experiments? It’s the only way to unravel the riddle without being the first red shirt down.

  24. MarshmallowRadiation

    Despite all his rage he is still just a rat in a cage.
    Or a putty man in a wooden box, but that’s beside the point.

  25. Tony

    Still think it’s the penguins, they were always kind of a-holes

  26. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    Hahahahahaha love this comic!

  27. hfbang

    jeez that wooden box has got some attitude!

  28. David Ahia


  29. aric

    Here you go.

  30. David Ahia

    I see what you did there Mr. Aric. Well played, well played. Still, my curiosity is insatiable.

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