Details, Details


  1. .

    i still dont see how that fox thingy is/are the socks.

  2. .

    oh wait ok its a fox thingy wearing the socks.

    now what?

  3. aric

    A fox wearing socks? That’s about the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

  4. nemodos

    Crazier than a shovel that doesn’t hit terminal velocity and eventually creates a beam?

  5. aric

    Of course! Socks are people clothes.


    What happens when you leave things behind in this universe (so far)

    Object A (becomes –>) Object B

    Grey/purple(ish) Hat –> Green Hat
    Shoes –> Shovel
    Socks –> Fox

  7. Yogurt?

    Why isn´t the hand bleeding? It doesn´t even look like the veins have been burnt shut.

  8. Vassago

    Well, we have to assume the shovel beam cauterized it.

    I want to know why the hated one is so damned easy going about losing his hand.

  9. Renee

    He’s taking the loss of hand very well.

  10. Sillytwist

    Hatted one is so awesome, he took it like a champ.

  11. soup's up

    @sillytwist that’s the magic of hats

  12. NoriMori

    Um, I’m pretty sure the socks just CHANGED INTO the fox. Just like the shoes changes into a shovel and the purple hate changed into a green hat.

  13. Me

    ok his hands gone dont question it

  14. BlueSox

    HAHahhahHAHahaHahHahhahaaa!!! ahhhh

  15. Arcasius

    the talk with nemotodes and aric should’ve been on the comic :D

  16. seananners

    hand = …ham?

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