Dey So Sweepy


  1. Renee

    Does it ever annoy anyone else when characters in books/movies/television shows refuse to sleep? Or take off their shoes?? In The Wheel of Time, everyone has a vendetta against eating and sleeping, and in Dinotopia (mini-series), everyone’s always wearing their shoes – even when they’re sopping wet weighed the characters down! In Stargate SG-1, there were allusions of characters requiring the use of rest facilities, and Daniel even had a kidney removed (granted, that was because Michael Shanks had HIS kidney removed)!

    Case in point, Aric and Lemmo have the right idea COMPLETELY. It’s refreshing. ^_^

  2. Renee

    Sopping wetness weighing characters down…referring to a part (maybe a couple parts) where they should have kicked their shoes off to help themselves swim better. I’ve been gaming for about five hours now, and the current time is actually 04:30.

  3. Spencey

    Fin? Is this the last strip ever? If so, that would be a weird way to end it!

  4. Da Mighty Camel

    How would they know that they need to sleep?

  5. J-Web

    Hi! I’m new to reading this and I LOVE it and will definitely keep reading but anyways…

    @da mighty camel: EVERYONE NEEDS SLEEP …’nuff said

  6. Scotty.ghost

    Wait… What does fin mean at the end? Is this the last one? Or like, end of chapter one?

  7. marca311

    Well, this is a planned out comic. So this may be the end of blank it. However I will continue to live on withou… *dies*

    Hi! Guess what! I’m a zombie,Braaaiiins and all that stuff. I’ve never seen my parents so scared.
    Anyway, I hope this isn’t the end.

    Zombie Yoshi out

  8. Qqtt991

    Oh god. I think I pissed myself.

    Also did anyone notice the APPROACHING WHITENESS on the edge of the last panel?

  9. John

    I think the ‘fin’ might just be a joke from the real Lemmo and Aric – because it seems like it could be a real cheesy ending to a film or story.

  10. Sebskrill

    “”Story one is finished! Yes yes, what about the girl, what about the foxes, what about the blah blah. You guys are sooooo needy. Okay, so here’s the deal. Aric and I are going to take a fiver; well, more like a month or so to recoup and get a little break.””

    Lame. I wondered about that nice girl’s name.
    and that pool of growing hands.

  11. Chados

    Something imposing up ahead? Stay tuned…

  12. ThisIsNotDan

    What I’m wondering right now is who’s piloting the bug?

  13. macksting

    Actually, that’s an interesting question. While it could be Fergus, I’m inclined to doubt it; there appears to be no shortage of other Matryoshka bugs running about.
    I am glad that Lemmo has started pondering that really important question, but it does seem very much like Aric and Lemmo have completely swapped mindsets over this first story’s duration. Even here, Aric says and does the classically Lemmo-ish thing: “Sleep! I totally forgot about that.”
    You can tell it’s the Lemmo-ish thing because then Lemmo follows suit. :D

    Banal though it is, I’m always surprised and perhaps even happy when somebody in a work of fiction bothers to stop to use the facilities. There is, of course, that moment in Up where it’s used for comedic effect.

  14. Music-chan

    Such a weird way to end it, but fitting at the same time.

    My next month will be BEREFT, you two! BEREFT! I look forward to every comic! But filler just won’t be the same! T_T

  15. E_is_for_Eric

    They are going to be HUNGRY when they wake up! Sleep for a whole month!

  16. Orion Fury

    I say that the next comic will be the first comic.

  17. Loyde Reed

    so i started reading this comic a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. if this is seriously how you’re going to end an awesome series i have one three letter acronym for you:

  18. Loyde Reed

    and now i read the news on the home page and feel like a dumbass, my bad, so yea, i guess thats one good way to end a chapter….i hope neither of them role in their sleep….that would suck…..LEMMO BEAM! anywho, i have a question: does the world pause when they sleep? or are they gonna wake up like in the matrix or something?…..thats two questions i guess.

  19. Midget9

    Maybe this was just a huge dream, and when they slaap in the dream, they wake up…

  20. Hackey

    My theory: Aric and Lemmo’s stories are over, at least for now. When the comics come back, we’re getting new characters.

  21. J-Web

    I’m still wondering when Aric will get his pants back…

  22. OJ


  23. Ray

    So do you think there will be a dream sequence next comic?

  24. Zoa

    All that was chapter ONE!? Whaaat?

  25. toan987

    if younpeople read its chapter one not the whol book

  26. Cheetaboy7

    My guess for the inbetween comic is that it will be about Misty. That would be awesome! Guess we have to wait and see.

  27. Lemmosine

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO please be chapter one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  28. MarshmallowRadiation

    I hope next chapter we have a bug-on-penguin air battle.

  29. Daniel

    They are becoming white. I think that the are becoming like the unnamed people that were veered from the shovel because they aren’t doing anything. I think the next strip will be them transparent and trying to find someone to name them. Like that one girl, which they’ll eentually meet up with!

  30. Zapheres

    *looks up at sky*

  31. Jonathon David

    Oh shoot, they’re going to level up now?! And what are dreams like? and wait, what about bathrooms??? :O

  32. foo

    While the right side of the comic does seem to fade out into pencil sketches, there is also that weird angular grey stuff on the right edge as well.

    I think this will be transitioning into something, not ending.

  33. camerbob


  34. Andi

    Good night guys.

  35. Jonathon David

    You know, looking back at some comments here, i think macksting has the right idea, and it’s that they’re going back to the first page, but this time lemmo is going to go pantsless and thwack aric upside the head with a shovel.

  36. Timeline

    Guys, do NOT remember taxes.

  37. matt b

    w,w,w,w….nooooooooo! (sniff) oh well, i Know it’s the end but unfinished lemmo plz comment, I know because he said he would have another kid and now he doesn’t have enough time on his hands to do this and yet so many qs but no as. I have been reading since the start but never felt like commenting, good comic guys. :( …(sniff)..

  38. Im Bob. Hi.


  39. Lemmo

    There. Jesus Mountain Climbing Christ. I took off the ‘Fin’ so people will stop potentially, hopefully, freaking the hell out. It’s just the end of Volume 1 you guys. Aric and I are probably going to do Blank It until one of us goes into a coma. Chillaximum, people.

  40. Tak

    Consider that panic an expression of our love for the comic.

  41. Music-chan

    the fin does seem kinda final. Though I would have replaced it with ‘fin chapter 1’ if it was me.

    Anyway, I know how to read announcments so I didn’t freak out completely. ;)

  42. SamVimes

    Is it me or has the Fin vanished???

  43. Ryan

    The Resuming will be a fine time to make good on The Threat, no?

  44. Lemmosine

    Thank god!!!!!!! It’s not over!!!!!!

  45. Lemmosine

    Ima change mah name know

  46. Kerosine

    Ok. I changed it :/

  47. matt b

    WHEW! That was horriffying, ^^ that was a little too heart felt for good!
    I can’t wait to see the next chapter, Good luck and may you never go into a coma!

  48. matt b

    1 more thing, I’m gonna read back through chapter one and be the supposedly second to say “This comic is f****** weird!”

  49. Anony

    awww, i liked the fin… i didnt like thinking it was over, but having something showing the end of a chapter was nice, it seems like its just going to keep going without an in-comic notice…

  50. matt b

    Also there goes my hypothesis it’s just a dream.

  51. Tomixcomics

    Gah!!! A break?
    …And doing htis ocmic until one of you in a coma?

    Gosh, this si kinda like “Lost” or some other great series, in the sense that, on one hand, you don’t want it to end because it’s so freaking awesome. On the other hand you really WANT it to end because you want to see all the loose ends come together.

    Like I’d say: A good book is one that you’d wanna finish already.

  52. KevNiiice

    So the characters in the story are sleeping because the ‘real life’ Lemmo and Aric need a break? BRILLIANT. Great story so far guys!

  53. Defier of Physics

    @MarshmallowRadiation: “I hope next chapter we have a bug-on-penguin air battle.”
    Yes! That would be totally wicked awesome! Even more epic than the star wars-referencing dog-piloting airplane battle in Up!

    If you guys are going to comment without reading the previous comments, at least read the announcements, and look back at previous comments for answers so you don’t spam this with questions that were already answered. *glares at SamVimes*

    So, is there going to be a printed, purchasable book at some point? Perhaps in the distant future?

    Also, the fading and Aric’s statements about possibly being the center of the universe lead me to the possibility that the universe will cease to exist while Lemmo and Aric are snoozing. Food for thought.

  54. LukeSmith

    Is it over? Guess We’ll know Monday

  55. Dave D

    I sure did one heck of a double-take when I saw the “fin”. Had to read the notes to reassure myself it was the end of the first chapter.

  56. jonathon david

    i miss the ‘fin’ at the end. would i be considered a TOTAL dick if i begged for it to be put back in? i also thought it funny how everyone was freaking out… D:

  57. bluesox

    This seems like a really good idea… *YAAAAAAAAAWN*

  58. SamVimes

    I don’t know why your glaring at me Defier of Physics I did not ask a question, i just pointed out that the fin had gone, so glare all you like.

  59. Defier of Physics

    @SamVimes: The point of the glare was that, three posts above yours (May 21, 11:09pm), Lemmo wrote “Jesus Mountain Climbing Christ. I took off the ‘Fin’ so people will stop potentially, hopefully, freaking the hell out.” I meant the glare in the friendliest way possible, though, so I’m glad you didn’t take offense.

    And, yes, I did check this website again just to read the comments. It has become a bad habit of mine.

  60. E_is_for_Eric

    @Defier of Physics

    I do it too. You’re definitely not the only one.


    @Defier of Physics & E_is_for_Eric

    DEFINITELY not the only one.

    I have to credit Lemmo for the awesome phrase, ” Jesus Mountain Climbing Christ.” It would make for an intersting picture…

    We could even have a “Ch. 1: Fin~” to appease both the freak-outers & the folks who liked it.

  62. Sampson

    My guess, Aric and Lemmo are actually the gods of this realm but have suffered amnesia. Thus the apparent emptiness in the beginning and the wacky workings of things in general, Aric and Lemmo are subconsciously rebuilding their realm from the basic workings of physics to advanced life. However, due to the damage that has been caused to their minds they have lost a certain amount of control on this universe and are subconsciously creating artifacts (such as the robots). This would also explain why the exterior universe tends to respond to them so directly. IE when lemmo makes a crack about arics hair, and it instantly responds by reshaping itself. When Aric is depressed and trying to exist as little as possible we see the first sign of “comfort food,” when lemmo is walking on water (an alliteration to jesus christ) and comments about aric and then the robot shows up. Lemmo loses his hand, instantly their is a device (hand juice) that solves his plight, seemingly from nowhere. When they are about to be crushed, the robots surge up from the ground and save their lives. All in all we don’t really know, but thats a fun food for thought.

  63. NoriMori

    Sampson, your explanation reminds me of the visual novel “Frozen Essence”, where the protagonist, who starts out very weak, and has no memory of who she is, is given enough power to create her own protective realm using her mind. XD

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