Different Umwelten


  1. Whynot

    our point of view being from the bugs?

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    I actually like this strip a lot. Amidst all of the bizarre happenings, it has a very poignant and applicable message.

    @Whynot – Our point of view being Aric and Lemmo still. They are just drawn small. You can see them on the left half.

  3. penguinbassist

    Don’t worry, with a name like Pericles, he was bound to be resentful and conflicted. You guys were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong idea of cool names.

  4. Shaelyn

    …what happened to the bug’s wings?

  5. Shaelyn

    oh, nevermind. I see now. they’re flapping at LUDICROUS SPEED!

  6. Bill22y

    I Wish That They Would Make Like A Stockpile And Post Like 50 At Once… This Monday, Thursday Thing Is Driving Me Crazy ILOVETHISCOMIC!

  7. Music-chan

    @penguinbassist But if you put it that way, it IS Lemmo’s fault. He named the guy Pericles. =p


    It’s nice to see Aric talking about overly technical/anayltical aspects of their universe again. He manages to be uplifting in a very non-conventional manner.

  9. cheetaboy7

    They have a good view of the area and im wondering, what ever happend to the purple sea?

  10. Renee

    Well, what he says is the truth…from a certain point-of-view. Lu…I mean, Lemmo, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point-of-view.

  11. soup's up

    lemmos hair is normal length again. Why?

  12. Jonathon David

    I am glad they are taking a moment to reflect, but aric is way too eager to answer the reflections than to ponder them a little… this could lead to mroe unnecessary drama… :D YAY!

  13. boring7

    Lemmo’s hair may be normal, but the flying nightmare monster is much larger now.

  14. LightAlkmst

    There’s a new shovel beam in panel 1. Maybe there will be a new hamlet and more unsettlers? Also, if Pericles is powerful because he was an unsettler, what about the unsettler lady that Lemmo named?

  15. Ray

    But your point of view is on top of bugs, therefore it’s inherently strange & somewhat invalid.

  16. BlueSox

    Uhhhhhh…… Ok

  17. Thanatos

    @LightAlkmst he wasn’t strong because he was an unsettler, he was immune from the effects of the shovel because he was an unsettler. from the discussions, I believe that if they had attacked him in any other way, he would have reacted appropriately

  18. Shaelyn

    oh hey, the wings are actually there now…and they really ARE flapping at ludicrous speed! XD

  19. Flo

    I love this one. still part of the story, but a small message imbued in it.

  20. Gimp-the-swimmer

    I don’t understand the title of this one…

  21. Renee

    “Umwelt” is a German word for “ambiance” or “environment”, ROUGHLY translated. Things will take on a slightly different meaning in context. “Umwelten” is the plural for “Umwelt”.

  22. Im Bob. Hi.

    HAHAHAHA! Funny.

  23. King ginger rules

    What this comic needs is oysters and clams

  24. Defier of Physics

    Clams are great!

  25. Lipkin

    Did the robots steal the foxes?

  26. Gimp-the-swimmer

    Oh ok I understand!

  27. dagonboy6666

    “oh, nevermind. I see now. they’re flapping at LUDICROUS SPEED!”

    LUDICROUS SPEED, is’t that from space balls

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