Difficult to Grasp


  1. Parrot

    Awkward. XD

  2. Ray

    Did Aric just remold his own hand?

  3. Dasaki

    hehehe, wow. that was bad.

  4. Physicsman

    It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel somewhat concerned

  5. NoriMori

    I…I don’t get it. :S

  6. Rena

    I don’t get it either D8

  7. Zimm

    Yeah, call me dense, but I missed it too :D

  8. macksting

    Mostly, I’m pretty sure he’s just bothered that Lemmo wants to plan something, instead of just improvising madly.

  9. PolleN112

    That’s Gotta get annoying for amputees. People trying to grab what isn’t there I mean.

  10. Jethro Rayne

    Yeah, Aric tried to grab Lemmo’s hand that isn’t there. he wasn’t grabbing his own hand. The shock was partially from not having the hand there to grab, as PolleN112 pointed out. :P
    Lemmo actually saying they need a plan is the other part of the shock lol.

  11. macksting

    Now I get it. Thank you. :)

  12. NoriMori

    I still don’t get it. Why was he trying to grab his hand in the first place? I’M SO CONFUZZLED!!!! D’X

  13. E_is_for_Eric

    This was me today:

  14. NoriMori

    Lol @E_is_for_Eric

    Unfortunately that wasn’t me. My meter has resolutely remained at “No Clue”.

  15. Piemaster

    The reason He tried to grab his hand is because he wanted to stop Lemmo from walking so he can talk to him about making a “plan”, and for what reason one is needed.

  16. Rentok

    Aric was shocked that Lemmo wanted to come up with a plan. In his shock he forgot about Lemmo not having a hand, and tried to grab it. Then he brought his other hand out, probably either to try to recover from the awkwardness by making it look like he wasn’t reaching for Lemmo’s non-hand, or because he still hadn’t remembered Lemmo’s handlessness and was checking to make sure there really was no hand. Then the last panel happened,

  17. Rentok

    Also, this strip makes the title of itself DOUBLY meaningful. Lemm’s hand was difficult to grasp for Aric, and the concept of what is going on in the strip is difficult to grasp the first time you look at it.

  18. NoriMori

    Okay…I guess I get it now. I don’t think it was very well-executed though. -.-

  19. Patricia

    Wow, Lemmo’s hair has reaaally gotten long compared to how it started. I blame it on the shovel beam.

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