1. macksting

    Lemmo can do some pretty mean stunts, yo.

  2. Bubble

    OOH! It has action too! The nearly perfect comic! All you need now is romance!

    Just kidding. Its brilliant!

  3. macksting

    Brokeback BlankIt Mountain?
    Perhaps it should be Man Meets Bug.
    “Marsha, I love you, but it will never work out. Don’t you see? We come from different worlds, you and I.”
    “8 –, 7 –…”
    “Marsha? Marsha, no! We still have now, don’t despair!”
    “4 –, 3 –…”
    “Marsha, I’ll never forget you. You’ll always be my Marsha.”
    “1 –…”

  4. Lemmo

    We probably could have taken the strip in a whole different direction way back at strip #3.

    I sometimes wonder how many people got to the beginning of our strip and went “Naked dudes? Ugh. I’m done.”

  5. macksting

    *bemused* Y’know what? I woulda wanted to know where you were going with that.
    I suspect the decision to keep the boxers on has a lot to do with why this interpretation never came to mind.

  6. noisyparker

    I am hoping that things will keep getting added and added to the world until there’s a whole fleshed-out world there. Then you can have a webcomic featuring characters in that setting that have their own, pretty conventional, creation stories they believe… only we’ll know The Truth of how the world was created. :3

  7. Lemmo

    I wasn’t even going to go with the whole naked thing at first, but after Aric and I laughed so hard at the deal it would have been a crime not to start off that way.

  8. boring7

    So much for a sunny disposition?

  9. them1me1you

    speaking of sun, will the light ever come back?

  10. them1me1you

    and also in strip #3, you also could have chosen for Lemmo to ruin the moment with exisentialism, and, well, Aric kept to his word. . .

  11. Jon

    Is Aric gonna get his hair back? He had a pretty badass do going on there.

  12. Jason

    “…I sometimes wonder how many people got to the beginning of our strip and went “Naked dudes? Ugh. I’m done.””

    I find naked dudes in the first comic tends to make me want to read more. Much like in Menage a 3’s first comic.

  13. Crotalus

    I’ve watched this comic from nearly the beginning, (found it @ panel 3, read them all), and I must say; one of the most original I’ve seen on the web, period. Well done, Bravo.

  14. NoriMori

    Panel 2 is epic!

  15. switch

    Lemmo is safe from Aric’s violent ninja abilites, as he seems to posess wicked kung-fu moves.

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