Don’t Bring Your Friends Down


  1. David Ahia

    First time being first on Blank it! This has been one of the funniest since the recent summer slump. I commend you and your work, Lemmo and Aric.

  2. Kid of Death

    Welcome to the group David. :)

    Aw, poor Lemmo. He looks so mad in the second panel. And kinda sad in the first one. Why didn’t Aric just grab the top of the doorframe and pull himself down with it? Even if it didn’t work, at least he tried it.

  3. PolleN112

    So Aric is more anti-heavy than Lemmo is heavy. Given that they seem to be more or less the same size, anti-gravity is stronger than gravity. Of course there’s AutomAric who might anti-weigh the most.

  4. bremer1281

    Now that’s what I call a shoestring tackle.

  5. General K. Oss

    So much for the mandatory buddy system.

  6. seananners

    I never knew Aric had such a lifiting personality.

    First tip for the pun jar, just to let ya’ll know

  7. Nexall

    …I can’t think of an adequate response… I’m just posting here for the sake of posting

  8. jaz

    I’m beginning to love this inner Aric. it’s breathing new life into this webcomic! the second panel is my favorite! xD “we’re all equally stupid.” still loving him! can’t wait for more!


  9. Arwael of the Many Names

    Damn. He actually managed to upset Lemmo slightly. That’s a first…

  10. macksting

    Right. This was beautiful.
    Perhaps we need to make Puppetmaric’s line, ‘We are all equally stupid,’ the tagline for the wiki’s front page.

    I haven’t been there in a while.

  11. NoriMori

    We need to have a t-shirt that says “We are all equally stupid.”

  12. Dagonboy6666

    naa, I think the robot is dummer, or maybe not since it's now the same eneity as Aric. yes I said something. It's so fun commenting even when it is't something very intelligent. Thoughe when it is everyone enjoys it. I wonder those pie equal something diffrent in this universe?

  13. NAME

    If this less-than-horizontal layout is going to become the norm for this comic, I think a mobile app update that supports it might be necessary…. So far they’ve all been squished to the height of a normal comic, and it really just takes away from the whole experience.

  14. I_Love_Lemmo

    Lemmo is adorable in that first panel. He looks sad :(

  15. NoriMori

    @NAME, I feel like this layout started when they got to this robot area…perhaps to evoke a certain “feel”…so maybe it’ll go back to normal when they leave it? *shrug*

  16. random man

    And boom goes the dynamite!

  17. dagonboy6666

    @ Random man
    you stole that from Family guy.

    @ I_Love_Lemmo
    your right he deos look sad. I wonder why? hmmm. I wonder if it has to do with the pupet hand?

    I should have known there was a wika for this site I will look it up in a sec.... I can't find it can someone post the link for it on this site?

    @Arwael of the Many Names
    Is't it usaualy the other way around.

    as I type this I see the last shuttle launch. :(

    yeah it's great to see him say things he regrets imediatley

    I often post for the sake of posting.

    good question. yes I just aimed a comment at myself.


    and a lol to you too.

    antiheavy. I like that term. sounds comical.

    @Kid of Death
    yeah why did't he grab it?

    @someone on another site

  18. Ray

    So, does this mean the Aric Robot floats not by its own choice?

  19. macksting

    I think we’ll have to refer to things propelled toward anomalous floors, such as would-be ceilings, as being ‘anti-heavy’ from now on.
    That’s my two cents.
    I cannot quite figure out the profanity necessary to express my displeasure at finally looking at the wiki only to see months of bot-hacking.
    We’ll have to do something about that. Maybe ask Lemmo to roll back the wiki to a much earlier state.

  20. random man


    I thought it was funny, so I used it. This is me giving full credit to family guy for coming up with that quote.

    Now that that’s said, I can say that I didn’t steal it, I just used it. Happy?

  21. dagonboy6666

    I was joking around. I don’t seem to be very good at it but I do it all the time.

  22. dagonboy6666

    yeah I just went on the wika just now it looks like it’s in a another languge. oh, and why did you refer to a computer program as being gross.

  23. dagonboy6666

    thanks for posting the link. *sigh* too bad someone messed it up.

  24. Lemmo

    I had just cleaned up the wiki on June 28th. Someone just spammed the main page. I rolled it back, but so can any of you. Just click History, open up an older, more stable version of a page, hit Edit, hit Save, and it’ll replace the current page.

    I don’t know if or how to lock down the Wiki, but I talked to Aric about it. For now, we just need to rely on maintenance.

  25. Purely Theoretical

    I agree with Aric’s Inner Hand. Just in general.

  26. Raiten

    I dunno, it don’t think stupid people have a monopoly on making dumb mistakes.

  27. Raiten

    To reinforce the point
    A) Double post because
    B) Grammatical error “it,” instead of “I.”

  28. dagonboy6666

    @Lemmo and Aric
    You guys are great. I hope my work will eventaully be as amazing as yours. If it ever gets as good as your work than I’ll probaley become rich. :)

  29. dagonboy6666

    @Lemmo and Aric
    You guys are great. I hope my work will eventaully be as amazing as yours. If it ever gets as good as your work than I’ll probaley become rich. :)

  30. dagonboy6666

    how do I post a threoy on the wika. I have One that by the time I come back from camp it will be so fine tuned that even if they were’t planing this they might consider it.

  31. TreeJump

    Hmm, this no longer updates on my iPod…

  32. MarshmallowRadiation

    You have to manually update from the menu.

  33. Purely Theoretical

    Oh they don’t, but if we’re all dumber than a box of bolts, what does it matter?
    Sidenote: Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

  34. TreeJump

    @Marshmallow: yeah, but It had stopped doing anything when I pressed the button. Tis all figured out now, though.

  35. dagonboy6666


  36. mattb

    They seem to remember details of this world but not all about it when you look back to aric referencing ungrateful children who get clothes and lemmo being afraid of the dark and,not to mention knowing we have social norms.

  37. random man


    You’re right. It’s hard to have social norms when there’s no social anything. Society must be downloaded and installed before society’s default settings can be set, if you were to make the Blank It Universe (Can we nickname/acronym that BUI for future reference?) a computer-generated world.

  38. Chaos G'rothnir

    Lol. The comic itself differs from the title. They’ve all been brought down.

  39. Dagonboy6666

    last comment

  40. JasonSquare15

    real last comment

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