Donut Eat Universe


  1. LynxAenslade

    Wondering what’s under that hat :p Scared to show us you hair Lemmo ?

  2. rodandbarry

    Barry: Yeah, that guy rocks!
    Rod: Humans are funny. This is good research yet i feel the taller one will make for a great apprentice after we blow up the Earth.
    Barry: Quiet! I’m trying to read more.

  3. Me

    God its like the 80’s all over again ……. :)

  4. irrevenoid

    Good plan, but why not do it with your pants – you’re clearly not real attached to them…?

  5. dagonboy6666

    yeah they fall off like thrity times throughout the comic.

  6. Kid of Death

    It would seem that Lemmo’s not big on words here.

  7. dagonboy6666


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