Doomed to Repeat


  1. Mick_since_86

    OOooooo pretty sparky building ^_^

    Could it be the robots? ¬_¬ HMmmmm

  2. Lantash

    Some more teleporting chocolate goodness perhaps? It looks like a similar effect.

  3. me.vicky

    No! More hugging! More hugging!

  4. TheBananaFish

    Was putting the word “nuts” with “Cookie Palace” intentional? Ooo… Now I want a macadamia cookie.

  5. Midoriko

    Mmm, macadamia cookies… or walnuts and chocolate chips…

    It does look like it’s just teleported. Except the palace is not currently covered in chocolate. Maybe that doesn’t happen to palaces.

  6. Ray

    Maybe it’s just teleportation. Or it could be that those darn (delicious) cookies are trying to find their escaped prisoners….

  7. Fedorov92

    I like Lemmo’s expression in panel 2!!

  8. Timeline

    Maybe this is the ‘problem’ the cookie king needed help with.


  9. Lipkin

    Maybe it’s the head quarters of The Brotherhood and Sgt. Crumble!

  10. DrBombay

    So they weren’t just hugging, they were hugging and spinning. Or maybe their minds were spinning from the hugging!

  11. camerbob

    Cookies…Now with Electricity! A friendly little *ZAP* with every bite.
    (Not recommended for people with pacemakers or braces.)

  12. macksting

    I’ve little to add here.
    In Easy Come Go Easy, we could see the electricity start to flow about our duo before the chocolate began to envelope them. Perhaps this cookie box is only beginning to teleport, and will shortly be enrobed. Or perhaps not.
    Timeline, your icon is awesome.

  13. Ziggy Stardust

    Panel three stares into my soul.
    It is ogling the very fabric of my being.
    It is freakier than David Duchovny’s head on David Bowie’s body.
    I shit you nto.

  14. TheBananaFish

    Could you send me a link of David Duchovny’s head on David Bowie’s body? That just sounds too sureal to pass up.

  15. Lipkin

    On second look, the palace IS covered in chocolate.

  16. Zapheres

    Still Wondering about the tragic tale of Pericles and the cookie… >_>

  17. jameslite

    Talking about chocolate, how to the terrific two sustain themselves?

  18. vengerofthelight

    @ camerbob and Ziggy: Zomg, t3h funnay!

  19. macksting

    “Still Wondering about the tragic tale of Pericles and the cookie…”
    Could be related.

  20. NoriMori

    OMG, I just did another Freudian slip with the reading… In the last panel, at first I read it as, “Okay, but no hugging until we find something else, so we don’t get turned on again.”

    I was like, “…What??”

    (The last time I did a Freudian slip while reading this, Lemmo said, “Why do we talk when we can just do?” but I read it as “Why do we talk when we can just do it?” I think I secretly want them to become lovers…)

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