Downside Up


  1. Sir Matt

    wow, now we’re getting somewhere. Not sure where. Robots below?

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    That certainly looks like some sort of civilization. Robots or not.

    Misty looks different. I mean, All of the drawing style has changed, but she doesn’t look as smooth as I would have anticipated. She has more of a Street Fighter II look about her. I really like it.

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    I apologize for the double post, but I wanted to repost in order for my avatar to show correctly for comparisons, sake.

  4. Musing

    I want to knit a sweater from this comic and wear it.

  5. Nexall

    I think it might be the robots down there with their magically disappearing trap doors and all.

  6. NoriMori

    Lol @Musing; and I agree with E_is_for_Eric.

    And I’m just gonna say what we’ve all been thinking:


  7. NoriMori

    WAITWAITWAITWAIT what happened to Aric and Lemmo and the foxes??? If the thing went upside down what happened to them? Did this go inside the bug thingy? Pleaaaase tell me they went inside the bug thingy!!! *can’t bear the thought of any of them being seriously hurt*

  8. NoriMori

    Ohhhh now I see what no one was screaming “Misty!”, it’s cuz I missed a comic. ^^

  9. theBean

    ooooooooooooooo, under-upsidedown city!

  10. JayGee

    Good job that round section of floor is holding it up. That’d be a big ass laser beam.

  11. Chaos Theory

    Okay, this has kind of been bugging me, but why is Misty still with the Unsettlers? They kicked out Pericles, why not her?

  12. Thebrum

    @ NoriMori
    Nah, our protagonists and mascots are just left of fergus.

    @Chos Theory
    Actually pericles left before they could kick him out. and Misty had been elected leader before she bacame solid, so her change could be seen as advantageous.

    Aso, i think its been forgotten that Misty’s ‘real’ name is still up in the air.

  13. Ryan


    They’re right there to the left of the upturned base, in the last panel…



    Thankfully the bug’s still attached to the base, otherwise it would’ve spawned one HELL of a Shovelbeam… Speaking of which, I wonder how the Shovelbeam affected this newly exposed upside-down & underneath civilization (likely of Robots). I have a feeling that the Aric & Lemmo-bots will make an appearance.

    That all being said, it’s wonderful to see Misty & the Unsettlers again. :D


  15. Nester64

    Okay, the Canvas is all white, and underneath I see a upside-dwn civilization against a _black_ sky. to tell the truth, this is somewhat frightening what this entails.

    like, is this because the lighthouse didn’t punch through, so it had to create a new plane to account for it? or what?

  16. Sir Matt

    My sister just suggested that the city might be the penguin city. We think it’s unlikely, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

    Also, is the city hanging there or does gravity pull the other way on the other side? It looks like some chunks of the ground are falling through and two-sided gravity would make the shovel-beam feedback loop harder to explain, so I guess the city is hanging in place. That is a logical conclusion of course, and logic often does not stand up here. On a slightly related note, why don’t the chunks of broken ground form chunk-of-ground-beams? Maybe they dissolve. Any thoughts?

  17. random man

    to everyone-

    If this city actually existed when the shovel beam was around, Lemmo would’ve seen it when he created the beam and probably would’ve said something,so it probably didn’t exist then. If the city appeared during the time after Lemmo created the beam, the city-builders would stay well away from it. So I’m saying that the shovel beam wouldn’t’ve done anything to the city folk. However, the penguin plane might have when the second one crashed through multiple times.

  18. random man

    Sorry to double post, but the strange black lines that were on the walls seem to have dissappeared, too, maybe it was the city’s cloaking device?

  19. switchblademx

    my initial reaction: i thought misty dies and i went”NOOOOOOoooo….”, then i was relieved to see her alive again, standing over the hole of what appears to be the creation of the fly-shell-beam. then i noticed the stinger(?) attached to the peice of mountain, and so i assume the bug shell is attached as well. although assumptions are more dangerous than a shovel beam in this world. Finally, now would be the worst possible moment for a penguin jet to crash into misty. BTW, did we find out what her name is yet? Because if Aric and Lemmo took a poll, i’m sure 79% of us would say” Misty”. the name just fits.

  20. switchblademx

    sorry to double post, but i was just browsing the merchandise, and i really wish there was a hand-juice beverage. for some reason i think it would be lime flavored. also, is it possible to get specific images from the comic on a t-shirt? or would i have to take it to a pay-n-spray shirt store? would that violate copyrights? I WANT A HAND JUICE T-SHIRT!!!

  21. noisyparker

    I kind of would have liked the underside to the full of upsidedown bug towers as if crashes like that one happened all the time, but that would not be a very sustainable ecology, so I will settle down nao. ^_^7

  22. Lipkin

    You guys forget that the hamlet didn’t exist until after the shovel beam did. There is no reason to think that whatever is beneath the surface here existed, or did not exist until now.

    Or, more likely, whatever is under the canvas here, is not under the site of the original shovel beam.

  23. Nexall

    Also everyone seems to be forgetting about the mall map that was broken by parasox remember the blips just appeared when they walked away, before the wrestling foxes broke it of course.

  24. Thebrum

    I would like to point out to everyone that the robots seem to be able to bend space. Remeber the vanishing trap-door exits? When Aric tried to dig it up it did not exist anymore. I suggest that the city (assuming robotic inhabitants) is in a closed space and may simply disregard effects like shove beams and reversed gravity.

  25. GodOfAwesome

    Hey guys, just want to say something here, remember how the little hamlet was created by the excess energy from the shovel beam? well, perhaps the same thing happened with the Underworld here, but it’s in contrast to the hamlet.

  26. Nemo

    Yes, I am fairly certain that the town didn’t exist before the shovel-beam. But that brings up another point: this village isn’t actually underneath but ON THE CELLING of whatever crazy dimension they are in (got to love non-euclidean geometry)

  27. Nemo

    speaking of which: I’m guessing that the dimension looks something like Möbius strip or Klein bottle…

  28. vengerofthelight

    After a short eternity without interwebz, I return to gaze upon the strips I’ve missed… the existential switch of Aric and Lemmo’s personalities, and the sudden (yet, gradual) reapportionment of aforementioned personas was gratifying, and all in time for the action to recommence.

    Also, Misty is gorgeous.

  29. Sir Matt

    Speaking of odd and warping dimensions: I remember when Aric was digging in the sand trying to find the trapdoor. He named a list of possibilities to explain it and I think the last item on the list was something about vanishing to another dimension. I remember thinking at the time that it was likely he had stumbled on the correct answer.

  30. macksting

    I agree it’s good to see her, but is she gorgeous?
    To me, she looks kinda insubstantial.

  31. Nester64

    macksting, that has to be the most horrible pun I have ever heard.

    and for that, you win an internet

  32. macksting

    What shall I do with it all?
    Oh, of course…

  33. mattb

    what? if they fell through the ground wouldn’t they know it’s there?

  34. mattb

    what? if they fell through the ground wouldn’t they know it’s there?

  35. Cameron

    H is for hollow earth

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