Drawing Attention


  1. Dranorter


    Honestly things started out pretty out of hand. Which is what makes it good. Well that and actually being good.

  2. CyberSkull

    Sweet pantsless Monday! An update! :D

  3. glynis37

    I am sitting here in open-mouthed, stunned disbelief. Please, let this be real!

  4. Anonymous Person

    Wait, what? I thought the fourth wall was never going to be broken.

  5. aric

    Don’t worry. It hasn’t been. Until the next strip, where they ask “what do you think, dear reader?”

  6. ThisIsNotDan

    Blankit is back? Hooray!!!!

  7. Jessica

    Sorry I didn’t comment when I first saw this, but I want you guys to know that you’re awesome.

  8. Christina

    Great work! Thanks a lot!

  9. someunregpunk

    You updated! and you got a pateron now. wow.

  10. Durzio

    Yay! Welcome back!

  11. JasonAW3

    Huzzah! Welcome back!

  12. JohnStephenEvil

    They flew too close to the sun and now we’ll never get them back.

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