Earnest Intentions


  1. macksting

    “If it has no name, Lemmo may still have developed a little restraint if he thinks he might gain a friend. If it -wants- a name, we may have another (albeit strange) character.”
    I am fucking psychic. :)

  2. Greyryder

    Now, I just keep thinking of that Rush song.

    “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

    Though, that’s kind of the opposite of what lemmo just said….

  3. Lipkin

    Should Lemmo be sitting on that burning ship?

    And Misty clearly has a thing for Lemmo, in addition to wanting to be named.

  4. Edmond

    Check out Lemmo’s hair…is it my imagination or are the three spikes in front growing over time? I think hair might be autonomous creatures in this reality, possibly ordering their own drinks at restaurants and communicating in their own language. Beware the hair.

  5. macksting

    *adds the hair theory to the WMG page*

  6. Lemmo

    You guys give me too much credit. Sometimes my art is just whack.

  7. Ray

    Judging by his reaction, I would say it’s the other way around based on their reactions. After all, how would she know about the concepts of names or naming if she hadn’t somehow known about about Lemmo naming Pericles Van Mudgett? On another note, this comic seems to be surprisingly easier to understand than I think it should be.

  8. Morgan

    I feel kind of stupid, I just realized I have a few more fanarts like my one of Lemmo, sitting half-finished on my desktop and gathering digital dust. XD I’ll have to finish those ASAP…

  9. Jevning

    @Ray: She’s been following him since “Departure.” (Turn your screen sideways or look at the panel from an angle and there she is.) I think she was there for the naming of Pericles.

  10. Sage


  11. Ziggy Stardust

    It would appear that she wants a name- why else would she follow Lemmo? For adventure, as Lemmo assumed earlier, and for a name. Maybe she wants something more than her mundane Unsettlement life. Also, she’s reacting as if on an awkward first date- ‘Is there something wrong with me? Am I hideous? Oh god, I bet I’m hideous and he hates me.’

  12. MeVicky

    Aww, you can tell they really care about each other:
    Lemmo respects Misty enough to let her decide a name for herself, and Misty desires nothing more than to be named by Lemmo. SO SWEET!

  13. Sillytwist

    @jevning: ZOMG UR RIGHT i see her. sneaky sneaky… well im sure she will end up being named… i wonder what it will be.

  14. TheWolfMI

    This is the most chaotic, strange, messed up weird comic I’ve ever read… Never ever stop making it.

  15. Katlyn

    You all know, Lemmo and Aric are probably making it up as they go, like the rest of us would be. If they have a master plan, it’s insidious, subtle, and unguessable from the strips they show us. All in all, I agree with TheWolfMI. Keep being weird.

  16. Zapheres

    @jevning: Wow. Neeeever woulda noticed that. Freaky.

  17. MBizzle

    My brain is falling out.

  18. Flo

    in my mind, her name is Claudia. until I have read up to the part where she gets a name, her name is Claudia.

  19. switch

    @Lipkin – I think that’s wishful thinking that she has a thing for Lemmo. I’m leaning towards her awkwardness being about the nature of what she’s asking – it’s probably way outside her experience, like asking a stranger to check you for ticks. Ok, that’s a messed up example, but it fits. Lemmo on the other hand, it’s really hard to tell with him. It’s possible he likes her, but whether that extends beyond general courtesy is too difficult to see. It’s pretty clear that Lemmo has learned something since Aric split. I get the feeling Lemmo’s been reflecting the whole time since then. The fact he overrode his strong desire to impulsively name things and gave Misty a choice is proof of that. It seems like Lemmo’s avoiding dealing with people directly in favor of inanimate objects. This is also a result of Aric’s leaving.

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