Easy Come Go Easy


  1. Midoriko

    Did that plane just crash into the sky?

    And are Aric and Lemmo being teleported by cookie? Without proper warning, either. That’s a bit rude. You’re gonna have to carry them again, Wendall.

    Quick poll: Who else stays up all night until this is updated? (Now that I’ve posed the question I really hope I’m not the only one…)

  2. Wolfox

    well… we DID know the “sky” was solid, to the “shovel beam experience” — heyyyy, I like that: The Shovel Beam Experience!

  3. Megan

    I’m largly confused.. (which I just typed as confired..maybe I’m fired for not understanding? haha) Did the plane crash into the ceiling… or did Wendall fire some type of electric chocolate at it? Either way the Unsettlers better pick a direction and MOVE!

  4. Renee

    Lemmo appears to be bilingual and Wendall is a teleporter. ^_^

  5. Al Capone

    They dont have to move. It cant hurt them.

  6. tez711

    is it just me, or is lemmo’s hair significantly less gravity-defyingly long in this strip?

  7. g_rock

    First, it appears the “ceiling” on the canvas appears either to be lower at this point or it seems to have shrunk since the shovel beam’s creation.
    Second, thats a whole boatl;oad of unpleasant marshmallow-iness coming for the unsettlers. Its a good thing fear doesn’t do the same thing to them as rage apparently does.
    Third, I don’t know if L & A have been teleported, or just chocolat-iezed and melted down into something more impact-resistant. Powerful little cookie!

  8. Ziggy Stardust

    It didn’t hit the ceiling, I think. It went *ker-bank!* which means it just banked sharply! Really sharply…
    That said, I really like Wendall’s expression in the first panel. It reminds me of when I was little and my parents used to swing me, and I’d always be afraid that they’d let go at the peak of my swing and I’d go flying.

  9. tez711

    g-rock, i think wendall did teleport them because he keeps saying “Time to go . . .” a sentence which i don’t think will be finished with ” . . . get chocolatized in order to avoid that crashing penguin plane.”

  10. macksting

    “It didn’t hit the ceiling, I think. It went *ker-bank!* which means it just banked sharply! Really sharply…”
    Notice when the smoke starts in that process. It’s at the moment of Ker-BANK. Until that point, all engines are working fine, but there’s a Ker-BANK, and now one is not. Either that one engine was sufficient to create a loud, violent banking -sound-, or it smacked into something and is showing lethal battle damage. I’m open to other possibilities.
    Also, while that’s an awesome image, I think it possible that’s Wendall jumping up to grab their arms. End of last comic, they weren’t holding him.

  11. RGSwan

    Something definitely exploded on that plane. Given our existing experience with penguin engineering, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the engines exploding violently. However, it’s a Ker-BANK, not Ker-BANG for a reason. I suspect whatever blew up on the plane caused it to change direction and nosedive at Aric/Lemmo/Wendall.

    Is anyone just a bit creeped out by…whatever it is Wendall’s doing? It looks like they’re getting involuntarily engulfed in chocolate, then getting zapped somewhere in a big blue ball of electricity.

  12. Cosmic Dog

    Lemmo sure seemed like he wanted to tell her something important. Shall we try to figure it out? Personally, I think he was saying “Attack Ralph Nader at wafflehouse.” But why? This is the key that will unravel the whole mystery, I know it!

  13. Leroy_Octopus

    That looks like the most delicious teleportation ever.

  14. Fedorov92

    Are those penguin parachuters bailing out in the third panel? Or just parts?

    Haha I knew it involved penguins :)

  15. Ziggy Stardust

    Which brings up an interesting point- can the Unsettlers run? Do they float everywhere? Can they go through the canvas? Are they bound by gravity?

  16. TLA:RJC

    What if Lemmo named Misty while he was in the chocolate? Then noone would be able to hear/understand him….so would she still be named?

  17. Ray

    Electrified chocolate? To me, that looks and sounds painful for some reason.
    But really, what the heck is going on in the 4th panel?

  18. Lipkin

    I think Lemmo may have just gotten chocolate in his mouth.

  19. Ziggy Stardust

    We’ll be fine! You just ma(ke) su(re)…. Make sure what? The suspense, she is to be being murdering me!

  20. Cavada

    Aric has in large part been almost silent recently, maybe hoping not to remind anyone that he needs to do some carrying?

  21. camerbob

    This had better not be another penguin attempt

  22. Aaron

    I’m really liking Lemmo’s style where two or more major events occur simultaneously within a strip, or even panel.

  23. vengerofthelight

    camerbob, I hate to say it, but if this ISN’T another penguin attempt, I will be very, very surprised.

  24. macksting

    “Aric has in large part been almost silent recently, maybe hoping not to remind anyone that he needs to do some carrying?”
    The cookie leapt up and took his hand. I wonder if that counted as carrying the cookie for a short time?
    However, it’s Lemmo who needs carried, not the cookie, so that’s irrelevant.
    Waiting in suspense for the next installment. As to the “make sure,” that does seem an obvious and reasonable interpretation of what Lemmo was trying to say. I wonder, though, if that’s the writer messing with us; if, in fact, we’re meant to believe he was trying to say “make sure” but actually was saying “mask shumpfulterstiltskin” or “maternal shoulder” or something sensible that I can’t come up with. I mean, it is Lemmo after all.
    With that in mind, given that incorporeal folks are merely hurt by collisions and not annihilated by them, maybe he was just trying to get her to “make sure they don’t take away the plane if it catches on fire.” Or “make sure everybody knows they’re safe if they’re not distressed.” The former would be inane, a request that she keep his stuff safe and hardly -genuinely- important, while the latter would be potentially useful information. I think Lemmo’s more likely to yield genuinely useful statements to Misty than to anybody else.

    Right. Back to waiting.

  25. dagonboy6666

    “Quick poll: Who else stays up all night until this is updated? (Now that I’ve posed the question I really hope I’m not the only one…)”

    I don’t but I have stayed to reread the comic.

  26. switch

    I’m guilty of waiting until 2AM for an update.

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