Easy Deliberation


  1. Foxmouse

    So is broken glass, but we all know what happens when we hold it close to our eyes.

  2. OI!

    Damn! I was hoping the hat was going to have an adventure of exponential proportions…

  3. OI!

    Damn you more interesting fire!!! Damn you inanimate construct…..

  4. Ray

    So it appears fire once again trumps all, including other curiosities!

  5. Jackson

    If there are survivors, perhaps they are up for adventure too.

  6. macksting

    While I’m inclined to agree that “fire is pretty” on principle, her response disturbs me. It sounds like she might fit in with Lemmo.

  7. TheBananaFish

    It may be that she has never seen real (or at least focussed) fire before; her people cannot interact with solid objects, so it would make sense that they have never made or been around fire that was not made of the mist that makes them. I used the word “make” too much, didn’t I? And it looks like those two lumps on the right are waving at Lemmo and the girl.

  8. Ziggy Stardust

    Fire is pretty, it really is. It’s so beautiful.
    *Totally denies pyromaniac tendencies*
    I’m interested in seeing where this is going!

  9. Wolfox

    I like her already *smiles*

  10. chillsthrillsnspills

    It appears that Lemmo may have a relationship on his hands.

  11. Winthster

    wauw…. i hope she materializes soon… And that aric’s alright and on his way….

  12. Thanatos

    random observation: has anyone else noticed that foxes are a mild trend in the names of the readers? Is it that Lemmo and Aric draw foxes to them, or that they create foxes out of everything that comes in contact with them?

  13. TheBananaFish

    Random Fact: They start out with names like “Hatmouse” and “Wolsocks,” but when we look away for to long, they become “Foxmouse” and “Wolfox.” (By “fact” I of course mean “lie”).


  14. them1me1you

    she seams a bit ADD. When asked for her adventure preference she answers “fire is pretty”

  15. Crimmy

    Well, I thought he would have named her by now.

  16. Wolfox

    in all honesty, I was Wolfox long before the webcomic (before this century, actually, but moving on) … but, hey, what the hell, if I can be a sort of inverse/reverse inspiration, I’ll take it!

  17. Foxmouse

    I could bore you with the origin story of my name… or I could flash bright shiny things to distract you.

    …Oh look, keys. *jingle*

  18. Ziggy Stardust

    SHINY! *Leaps for the keys*

  19. TheBananaFish

    Shiny is pretty…

  20. boring7

    No foxes here.

    I, too am wondering if those lumps are debris, or people waving their arms and possibly screaming about the destruction.

  21. Wolfox


    (mine, mine)

  22. dʒəßikʌ

    Fire is VERY pretty. ^_^

  23. MBizzle

    Hahaha, Final Destination.

  24. How the hell is that funny?


  25. ananas

    and now, i can smell the cliché coming…
    i beg for it not being what it looks like; this comic has been awesome so far

  26. Aequitas

    I just started reading this today. I must say it is very wacky witty and greatly enjoyable. I love it!

  27. dagonboy6666

    Fire pretty

  28. seananners1

    -drinks a can- HAND JUICE! Ξ)

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