Ego to Superego


  1. The Darkness God

    That’d be funny to see a miniature planet start to orbit either of them.

  2. Ziggy Stardust

    Ooh, Aric is man enough to admit that he is wrong, but not man enough to apologize.
    That and refusing to carry Lemmo makes for some argument on Lemmo’s part.
    IMO Lemmo is trying to get close and be friends with Aric and make the best of it, but Aric is too cynical and distrusting to do this.
    Also, they have not slept in this entire course of events.

  3. Ryan


    Maybe they *are* sleeping.

  4. cyber95

    Aric’s got a point, there. For all we know, they could be the most important people in this world.

    I think Lemmo is more important though, given the events that have occurred.

  5. me.vicky

    Maybe Aric needs to try naming something himself, hm?

  6. noisyparker

    Man, seems like Lemmo is going to turn out to be “high maintenance”… :3

  7. Jestor

    Lot to be said for walkin in silence…. Especially when appravated by the other party….. Lol …. Kinda like being married….. ;)

  8. Ray

    Hmmm, there seems to be some sort of tension between the two of them. I hope they don’t split up again….

  9. jameslite

    I, for one, wonder when Aric will get his shoes back.

  10. them1me1you

    the tension is thick enough to cut through with a knife . . . or no, that’s just my hand . ..

  11. Timeline

    Is it just me or is Lemmo’s face more angular than it used to be?

  12. TheBananaFish

    @Timeline – First of all, that’s a very fitting name for this comic. Second, if you’re talking about the last panel, that’s what I (and no doubt many) was thinking as well. We were talking a while back about the possible influence of Calvin and Hobbs on Blank It, and that influence is definately present in his face.

  13. Lemmo

    Possible? I make a downright homage to it in the strip “New York Style”.

  14. Timeline

    @bananafish; what name do you mean? angular?
    @lemmo; that inspired me to edit the second frame until I got a new meme-inspired avatar :D

  15. TheBananaFish

    @Timeline – I meant your name, I should have cclarified.

  16. Yossarian

    Just me or are Lemmo’s Hair things getting longer?

  17. ShareTheLove

    I LOVE that third panel! Lemmo gets one of his few serious moments, and the art is so good.

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