Emergent Elect


  1. Renee

    At least there’s a leader. Ever been assigned to a group project and everyone’s afraid to even make a suggestion?

  2. PolleN112

    Hmm. Aric has changed, back in the beginning of time he and Aric would have raced each other to assert dominance. In fact I think that’s exactly what they did.

  3. PolleN112

    Here we go. http://blankitcomics.com/2009/04/16/fair-competition/

  4. PolleN112

    Sorry *he and Lemmo.

  5. Raiten

    I think, Aric, it’s more along the lines of “no one else has a better idea,” type leadership. So whoever starts walking first becomes leader by default. That seems to be a trend in this world.

  6. heng

    @PolleN112: i think that was more a ‘you-are-sooo-not-going-to-be-my-king’ idea, not an ‘i-wanna-rule’ mentality…

    and let’s be honest, would you want to live under king lemmo? :-P

  7. cheetaboy7

    Well, now there is a entire town following them. Where are they gonna go now? Don’t think they can bring all those people to the underworld robot land, can they?

  8. Nexall

    Ya Aric probably just didn’t want the responsibility of leading an entire town in a place he really knows nothing about.

  9. RichieGates

    Honestly, I would so live under the rule of Lemmo <3!!

  10. Gabriel

    Aric would have everyone pantsless within 5 minutes anyway.


    Do I see Marina snuggling up to Lemmo in Panel 3?



  12. Dana

    @X-SOLDIER: I thought the same thing! I think it’s just the angle she’s standing at, though. wishful thinking!

  13. dyl_do

    Fine companions… Very well, you shall be the first fellowship of the… um… mostly blank environment of blanky blankyness.
    *even later*
    Cookie King? Ah, that is what they called me in the past. I am King Dunked In Milk… And I’ll tear up your hizzle if you call me Cookie again.

  14. dyl_do

    actually, in retrospect, fergus would’ve made a better gandalf than the cookie king i suppose, but BLARG. At least fergus seems to have some idea of what’s going on, even if he is too lazy to tell anyone.

  15. Radio365

    Funny how Aric leading means that Aric AND lemmo are leaders. I see no evidence of Lemmo leading.

  16. seananners


  17. altoid55

    is there a shceduled upload time? or is it just when he gets it done?

  18. altoid55

    wonder if they’ll ever go buck again?

  19. Nester64


    I think the difference between Aric wanting to be king of the then-unknown village and not wanting to be the leader of the refugees is that the village acts as an established society (at least, when the inhabitants wave-forms collapse) the refugees are just as scared and confused as he is, and he seems to prefer to have someone else hold the steering wheel while he tries to make sense of the map, as it were

  20. seananners


    they upload every monday & thursday 8)

  21. Kid of Death


    Actually, it’s every Tuesday for now.

  22. lankhmar

    Instead of ruling the void he wants to minimize his impact on it. If he’s a follower he can just blame everything on the leader.

    Great strip though XD

  23. seananners



  24. Kid of Death


    It’s been that way for a while. I hope things pick up again soon.

    I can understand why Aric would want to be a follower. Wouldn’t want to lead them to the wrong place, after all.

  25. dagonboy6666

    yea, better to be lead to a hellish place than to be the leader who takes the blame for it.

  26. JasonSquare15

    last comment

  27. Tuxpud


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