Enlightening Words


  1. Lipkin

    Aric’s all like “F*** you plot! I’m not taking this Sh** anymore!”

  2. PolleN112

    Wow, there really was a butterfly workin his mesothorax. Also. Did Aric just snap? Finally!

  3. djeims

    “I’m not getting pushed around anymore you *starburst*”. There is no text hidden behind it this time.

    The pillbug in the butterfly’s mesothorax really needs to pick up the pace!

  4. Wilhelm

    aww the blur blocks my vue, lord ben will be displeased…

  5. Mell

    I wonder if Lemmo will ever get another arm to replace his “woody” one.

  6. runedeadthA

    @Mell: Probably, Limbs and hands seem to be dime a dozen around here. He probably has enough to start….A second hand shop :Lolface:

  7. Evan

    Cool! So it’s not just angry bug man that can do that!

  8. Parrot

    Aaaaand Aric snapped. XD

  9. Ray

    My my, it’s a bug controlling another bug.

  10. Pyrii

    Needs more lens flare?

  11. E_is_for_Eric

    Go Aric!! It’s about time we see the badass side of him come out again!

  12. Nexall

    So apparently fergus has a pilot bug yet still has his own consciousness separate from the butterfly.

  13. Chaos Theory

    Two things:
    1. Aric is losing it and it is awesome to behold.
    2. So now there’s a bug in a bug in a bug in a bug! Yay for recursion!

  14. ThisIsNotDan

    Yo dawg! I herd u liek bugs…

    Also @djeims: There were words hidden behind the starburst in the previous comics?

  15. Renee

    No one suspects the butterfly.

  16. NoriMori

    Lol, it seems like everyone except PolleN112 forgot that Fergus already told them there was a butterfly controlling his mesothorax.

    Also…also…Aric snapping is indeed terribly, terribly awesome. I’m amazed he held out this long. I mean, he already sort of freaked out before, when he and Lemmo split up, because he’s sick of not knowing what’s going on, and of their actions screwing everything up. But now he’s REALLY lost it! Awesome! Tired of being manipulated towards a purpose he doesn’t understand, tired of being told nothing… It reminds me of Harry in “Order of the Phoenix” where he flips out at being left in the dark all summer… Which was also an epic scene. I guess we, the audience, are suckers for catharsis.

    But I love how Fergus is like “WTF HOLY CRAP PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!”

    I love how the light serves the double purpose of making it clear that he’s very, VERY angry, while hiding whatever colourful epithets he may be using in the process. Lemmo? Aric? You’re geniuses. Seriously.

    Lipkin summarized this strip most eloquently: “Aric’s all like ‘F*** you plot! I’m not taking this Sh** anymore!'”

  17. Kris

    get him!

  18. AlexThander

    [Insert witty light-related pun here]

  19. MarshmallowRadiation


  20. Nexall

    No I remembered the butterfly comment from all those posts back, I just don’t see how Fergus has his own consciousness.

  21. Dvandemon

    First time commenting…So the only reason I can think for the pilot bugs is that the butterfly isn’t piloting but more like powering like a hamster on a wheel. This explains Fergus’ complaint since it probably means that he want the butterfly to put more force in it

  22. Mr.Biggelsworth

    It wouldve been cool if you saw his pupil turn green
    (hulk reference)
    and i guess everyone thought that the hatch led to the hatch robots.
    Fergus is probably get his butt kicked by Aric and the foxes are going to say ” IMMA TEAMWORK” and help out. oh wheres cloudy dust girl?

  23. ETLIAY

    First time posting, I love this strip. I would stay lurker, but I had to ask.

    Does this mean every bug prior to this was actually sapient along with the bug that is manning it? As in the giant thing that split in two and all could actually think. It’s kinda creepy of you think about it.

  24. Nexall

    No the really big one full of confetti was just like a plane no talking there. After that they all reflected Fergus’ attitude. All except this new butterfly, however I do like Dvandemon’s theory about it powering him but not controlling him.

  25. Chaos Theory

    Also, I forgot that the lighthouse was still there.

  26. NoriMori

    @Nexall Why shouldn’t Fergus have his own consciousness? The butterfly is in his mesothorax, not his brain.

  27. ededesd

    Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry

  28. ededesd

    Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry

  29. M

    I thought he was joking about the butterfly XD
    epic comic title :D
    He’s soooo different from the last time he flipped out :)

  30. Shirasong

    *Gasp* I just realized that the light is because he’s spewing insults and the light is powered by insults! Haha can’t believe I forgot that.

  31. Defier of Physics

    I love the title, because there is a certain level of sarcasm in the literal meaning of the word but a great deal of humor in the punny meaning.

    And then Fergus went blind.

  32. macksting

    Me too, M, re: the butterfly in his stomach.

    Love you guys. Defier made me laugh.

  33. macksting

    Now, interesting question. Do you think Aric knew he’d be brightening everything so painfully much, or do you suppose he hadn’t really thought it out?

  34. HaloMythbuster

    Onoz, I’ve been reading the comic for the past few days and now I’ve reached the newest one and now I can’t keep reading until it is updated!

  35. MultiversalInk

    Haha, the Censor lighthouse is still operative. I think it’ll have a lot to do in the near future ^^

  36. MarshmallowRadiation

    The confetti bug and rocket bug weren’t aware, but rememer what Fergus said when Lemmo first met him?

    “There be a butterfly workin’ me mesothorax, but thas it.”

    I didn’t know he was talking about a literal butterfly.

  37. Raiten

    Aric snapping hasn’t done him much good in the past, I wonder how much good it’ll do him this time?

  38. NoriMori

    @MarshmallowRadiation, Lol, what kind of butterfly were you thinking of? XD

  39. omgwatwasdat


  40. NoriMori

    @omgwatwasdat… What?

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