Entrenching Tool


  1. LynxAenslade

    hawn man, it is good to hit someone just to be in the buck again ? :/

  2. -.-


  3. Arantor

    He looks particularly victorious, doesn’t he?

  4. nemodos

    Maybe that’s really what he wanted

  5. Nikkibo

    YES! That’s the way, That’s the way!!!
    exactly what I would have done

  6. Canastrophy

    If one holds the shovel, and the other tries to walk down under it, you could play Limbo… in LIMBO!

  7. rodandbarry

    Barry: Ooohhh he is evil. We should report him to our Overlord
    Rod: (Or recruit him…) hmmmm…

  8. Renee

    Clothes become shovel!

  9. Robert

    “I’m gonna call Zed. Then, we’re gonna have ourselves a party.”

  10. will

    i like the taking off the clothes bit i some time do that myself when i get home from work, it feels good. also you dont have to worry as to what people think about you or how you dress if no one can see u :)

  11. macksting

    I’d consider doing same, but
    a. I’d have to explain it to my wife
    b. My roommates would probably have some issues with it.
    It could get awkward.

  12. lemmo

    Yeah. I like to think that the reason our guys take their clothes off is that it’s a comfort thing.

  13. Parrot


    What else is a shovel for, anyway?

  14. Atlas

    Heheheh, I’m loving this thing like a hobo on a ham sammich, Auf Wiedersehen.

  15. socksbot

    mebbe shoes became shovel

  16. Me

    WAP ko in the first round…….in the…..buck?????

  17. BlueSox

    I would do that too…

  18. AllCaps


  19. NoriMori

    I love the reflection on the glasses, he reminds me of Shou Tucker in FMA. XD

  20. Switch

    Wife AND roommates? How does that work?

  21. dagonboy6666

    good quetion

  22. seananners

  23. GUYPERSON!!!!!

    Wait… Wheres the light coming from???

  24. PolleN112

    @GUYPERSON!!!!! The aura of awesome that surrounds this kind of moment.

  25. GUYPERSON!!!!!

    True. Very true.

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