1. Socksbot


  2. Socksbot

    Btw love how Lemnos so exited and the fact he doesn’t get up

  3. SamVimes

    Happy at the thought of being squished flat, nice, though it coould a universal elivator to another univerce.

  4. Socksbot

    Excited* @samvimes I also thought of the elevator thing

  5. Angie

    Loved it! (As usual, but it’s my first time commenting.) I think they we abducted and/or Willy Wonka has shrunk them with his transporter-ray thing. Probably NOT the latter…

  6. Socksbot

    Lol is it just me or does lemmo seem to get smarter throughout tube comic a little more irritable but smarter I present for evidence

  7. MultiversalInk

    Ooh, this seems bad..

  8. Jackson


    I don’t even understand anything anymore

  9. cheetaboy7

    Irresponsibility, now thats progressive!

  10. Xajek

    Horrible and interesting situations can be better than safe and boring ones. That’s the moral that I took out of this one.

  11. RGSwan

    @Xajek: It’s totally true! Fire is awesome (and cleans all). A puddle of water on the other hand? Safe, sure, but utterly boring

  12. Defier of Physics

    Is the universe… imploding? Does this mean they’re going to wake up soon? I’m guessing not, since this new universe has yet to serve a purpose, unless… this whole universe was just a ploy to justify an unexplained costume change!

    Seriously, though, I think Aric is going to break the floor and cause them to free-fall through the blackness. Oooh, in space outside the universes, can Lemmo and Aric fly, or even exist? Food for thought.

  13. Flo

    @RG Swan: puddles of water are too fun!you just have to get wet to fully enjoy them.

    and I think the elevator theory is correct.though maybe it’s just a metaphor or something for them waking up.

  14. HappyHead

    Hmm… looks like they’re not being given a choice about “going to the light at the end of the tunnel”. Though the way they’re compacting is interesting too. Reality warping itself back into a 2D plane?

    New random speculation theory: They were actually caught by one of the various factions (Cookies seem to be the most antagonistic, but they also looked pretty wiped out at the end of the first chapter. The robots maybe?) and this is that faction’s idea of a prison cell. While it’s looping in on itself, it’s inescapable, and to open it, they un-loop, un-fold, and squeeze you out of it.

  15. MultiversalInk

    Maybe they’re in some kind of space below the floor and above the ceiling in the Canvas?
    When Lemmo fell through the floor, creating the shovel bean (, the whatever below the floor is black, but when the penguins’ plane crashed with the ceiling (, that shows that the ceiling is white too. The background below the floor in the former strip is very similar to the background here.

    Has this been noted before?

  16. MultiversalInk

    And by ‘shovel bean,’ I mean ‘shovel beam’. Sorry.

  17. Renee

    @multiversallnk: If we can have hand soda, we can have shovel beans, too.

  18. AdamZero

    Is the koolaid man here? Nope Just Lemmo and his awesomeness.

    and Aric.

  19. Wonderboy

    this could all also serve the purpose of having no real purpose at the begining. just to get some cheap laughs. then they’ll get to the real unfolding story.

  20. Jaz

    NO. nononononono!! NOT THE ELEVATOR!! I’ve had horrible experiences with elevators. most include fire.

  21. Timeline

    I think in the dream world, Aric and Lemmo’s peronalities are reversed, Lemmo is smarter and more irritable while Aric is more silly and easygoing.

  22. Timeline

    Personalities* sorry, I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi.

  23. Ray

    I knew something bad was happening.

  24. cheetaboy7

    When did we decide this was a dream world? Dreams usually aren’t experienced by two people at the same time.

  25. dan

    i dont think that any thing from the begining matters any more i think that this is a small universe that teared off from the previous one now its traveling through something else like planets are in space but these are universes in something bigger and i guess gravity from other universes is affecting this one ps. if u look at the copyright stuff at the bottom the authors’ names are lemuel (lemmo) and aric interesting

  26. dan

    actually if my theory is correct then the title woudnt make sense so my theory is peobably wrong

  27. dan

    i doubt that any one of us will guess the theory correctly there are just too many possibilities

  28. Defier of Physics

    “Escalation” means “to become more serious,” and apparently, according to Encarta, no longer means “to use an escalator” or “to raise to a higher position.” That being said, I still think the title is a clever play on words, since our heroes are rising in position while the situation (probably) becomes more intense.

  29. Lemmo

    @Defier of Physics I’m glad you guys appreciate the strip names.

  30. E_is_for_Eric

    @Lemmo – We do indeed.

    @Defier of Physics – Honestly, I was unaware that ‘escalation’ ever meant to use an escalator, but I always used it interchangeably with ‘become more serious’ or ‘raise to a higher level’.

  31. Defier of Physics

    The titles are awesome! Some of my favorites include: You can’t hug a child with nuclear pants; Defining Uninominals; Matryoshka; The Corduroys Are Helping; Crusonian Nautilus; The One Where Aric Gets Something Right; Sphengineers; and Rapscallions

  32. MultiversalInk

    All the titles here rule. Especially the ones with weird words in it. Always fun to see someone use words you don’t see elsewhere. According to, Conquistador is the least used word in English language. You should make a title with that word in it once ^^

  33. Socksbot

    @ defier of physics my all time favorite is you can’t hug a child with nuclear pants my second favorite it we have to burn it

  34. Arcasius

    well the last comic when they went to sleep the faded into white, and all clothes were restored, i’m guessing the reverse is going to happen now

  35. OrangesAreAwesome

    smoosh time? Lemmo and Aric pancakes? I hope not…

  36. NoriMori

    Maybe it’s reverse spaghettification. Maybe they were spaghettified through a black hole into this weird universe, and now they’re being reverse-spaghettified back into the original one.

  37. OrangesAreAwesome

    (no response)

  38. boring7

    They’re going into a 2d environment?

  39. Chaos Theory Comics

    They’re being squishified, Also, I still have no idea what’s with the cracks.

  40. Defier of Physics

    @Chaos Theory Comics: Eyeballs! Or… something…
    @Arcasius: So it will fade to black and they will wake up in the buck?

  41. E_is_for_Eric

    Clearly, the ‘cracks’ are stretch marks. Clearly.

  42. Defier of Physics

    My prediction: Kool-Aid Man comes crashing through the wall and our heroes escape through the hole he creates.

  43. cheetaboy7

    If Kool-Aid man appears I’m sure Lemmo will take a drink out of his head, with Aric following suit from peer pressure. Remember hand juice?

  44. Ninja Fish of Doom

    I’m glad to know that even space and time can get stretch marks. You think it’s going to give birth? Maybe to the Kool-Aid man?

  45. djeims

    “Oh yeah!” Are they about to burst through a wall? The fourth wall?

  46. Froggy

    I agree with the prison factor and the fact that could just be under the original canvas. Like the black abyss when the shovel beam was created. But I am excited to hear the truth.

  47. M

    I know that this is very late, but I just realised this looks like the comic (don’t remember the name) where lemmo breaks through the ground with the shovel…the black with dots of White background looks like the one he fell through, so they could actually be under their previous universe!

  48. hfbang

    bahaha ohkay kool-aid man!

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