Everything Breaks


  1. chlimaxe

    Fergus will not be pleased

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    Dammit, Terry! Watch where yer goin’!

  3. ThisIsNotDan

    Looks like the bug sword is still there. I wonder if the beam will spawn a new civilization? Will it get along with the old one when/if they return?

  4. ThisIsNotDan

    In other news, I’d classify that as a refreshingly good KaTHUNK.

  5. Midoriko

    This is my favorite title so far.

    And even though Aric still lacks pants and the robots seem to have disappeared with them, that first panel is still absolutely one of the most badass moments in this comic.

    And that is an excellent kaTHUNK

  6. Ray

    Hooray, free confetti for the castle-mech’s defeat!! :D

  7. Reactor5

    And that is how the cookie crumbles!

  8. Jonathon David

    Aaaaannnnd jsut like htat, we’ve come full circle and the story starts over again with aric pantsless and a shovel beam cutting through a giant bug flying machine… bug…

  9. Axel

    I TOLD them, but did they listen? Nope.

  10. Ryan


    I think Aric is happy with the no-pants situation.

  11. Renee

    That would really hurt on a bare foot…

  12. Dave

    Didn’t the Socks Fox’s used to be on their shoulders?


  13. Ninja

    Two things:
    1) How many times is that going to happen?
    2) Where are Lemmo and Aric? Are they inside the new shovel beam?

  14. xajek

    They’re stuck between the floor and the ceiling, or the ground and the sky.

  15. Silkyz

    Oh dear, they are in a looping universe.

  16. maglorius

    The shovel went through the bug– but they didn’t, therefore, they are in the bug and going for a ride. And I still believe the foxes should be named “Clams” (light one) and “Fire” (dark one) after this strip: http://blankitcomics.com/2009/12/24/quality-of-adoration/

  17. Music-chan

    full circle!

  18. Chados

    It’s like the giant flying bugs exist to get split by the shovel/beam!


    Confetti, Shovel Beam MK II, and Cookie Explosions-

    Today was a resounding success!

  20. Friedchicken

    This is the part where pericles walks out of the flames all mysertious and with a scratch

  21. Friedchicken


  22. Dran

    And again

  23. Defier of Physics

    This would be a great time for a Terminator-style villain-exiting-a-burning-building scene.

    This. comic. is. AWESOME!

    @ E_is_for_Eric: Cram it, yah pissant!

  24. Jonathon David

    Maybe the shovel beam is pure insult? I mean, Aric, DID, whack lemmo over the head with it for being insulted of his pantsless society… whoa, Aric is a bit psycho…

  25. danniegurl

    ahh, this brings back so many memories: shovels falling through the ground, explosions, giant bugs, explosions, cookie castles, oh! and did i mention explosions?

  26. Gimp-the-swimmer


  27. Escadia

    I like it that they have finally started to work so well together these last couple of strips. Once they’re out of life threatening danger, they’ll be back to being an old married couple, but at least we know that when that cards are down, Lemmo and Aric are a force to be reckoned with.

  28. Jethro Rayne

    Ha! Awesome. :D And I’m pretty sure the scene we’re going to see next is Aric and Lemmo free falling for a bit until the each land on a bug piece. And oh my gosh, I just got an interesting picture in my head…. Aric and Lemmo once again get split up, only this time we get to see the ‘war’ between the penguins and bugs. Guess how they get split up? One to a side maybe? :D I could be completely wrong, but this is what I’m calling for the future adventures. :)

  29. Andi


  30. Al Capone

    @ Jethro Rayne: Indeed.

  31. Lord Fluffy

    This is one of the best comics ever.

    I never lose the sense that anything can happen and most of it will. Thanks for giving our eyeballs this.

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