Extra Luggage


  1. Booohya

    First p0st!!!!

    Loving that Blank It has returned :)

  2. Kunay

    I find it amusing that Fergus opened up the door just to throw the foxes down there. And I don’t know if it’s just me but Aric certainly does not seem amused that the foxes were thrown down there either.

  3. ColonelLuxray

    Yay! We get to see more of the foxes!

  4. Nexall

    Why is it surprising that he opened it just to throw parasox down, he hates them. Also Aric just seems to be in a bad mood through this entire days comic.

    Also isn’t that down stairs just like a storage area that had that rocket bug. Will the rocket bug be back or will something else happen. We’ll see next week I guess.

  5. Wilhelm

    Should’ve thrown lord ben in there too…

  6. macksting

    Aric’s not happy about that, no.
    Heck, he already has reason to dislike the parasox. Now, I think, he probably have additional reason to resent them as proxy targets for his dislike of Fergus.

  7. Chaos Theory

    Aric is just a big mass of dislike right now.

  8. couldahadav8

    Ka is a wheel and it keeps on turning. What I mean is, we’re back in a basement due to Fergus. Woo, I like scene parallels :D

  9. noisyparker

    “It is dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

  10. Mell

    I’m loving the shadow of Fergus when he opens back up the hatch, that must of taken a little bit of time :)

  11. Two

    Theym a ferris wheels AND a teamwork now.

  12. runedeadthA

    You must cut down the mightest penguin in this forest, with……A FOX! Duuuuuuunnn!

  13. Defier of Physics

    It’s dark in this cave. Farts uses FLASH! It illuminates the cavern.

    Aric is not happy. Aric does not like pairs of talkative foxes. He would clearly prefer a buzzkill as a guide. I know I would!

  14. Raiten

    <3 for the zelda reference. Also, Aric is less sullen then he used to be, but being around the Parasox is probably like being around a 7 year old version of me. Hyper-active, 10 second attention span, constantly spewing nonsense and getting in your face. And -I- couldn't jump through reality.

  15. Ray

    Well, hopefully, someone knows something now. I mean, maybe Fergus told someone something offscreen….?

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