Extreme Ostriching


  1. Midoriko

    Yes! He’s still wearing the hat!

    Also, I’m going to try the ignoring people thing. On my homework.

  2. JamesLite

    Aric reminds me somewhat of Fagin now.

    I won’t be surprised if he’s rounded up a ragtag bunch of unsettler orphans before the month is past.

  3. Physicsman

    Haha Lemmo gets it… If u ignore it it goes away… That’s what I’ve been telling ppl about the economy for the past 1 1/2 years. (the economy is directly dependent on the overall status of the country which on the end is dependent on the ppl. In short if everyone were to act as if the Economic crisis didn’t exist it will go away)

  4. TheBananaFish

    So that’s what cover’s are for! And here I was trying to sty warm and insulated. Man… I coulda saved a lot of time with that monster in my closet as a kid if I had just pulled my covers over my head. As opposed to staring into its dead lights of course.

  5. Ray

    Hmmm, note the positions of the characters in relation to one another between panels 3 & 4. I think they’re about to find something.

    Also, remind me to pull the covers up when a burglar breaks into my house. Up, over & around his head and neck so I can strangle them, that is.

  6. Midoriko

    Terry Pratchett logic: If the monsters go away when you put your head under the covers, then what happens if the monster’s head is under the blanket? It forces their very existence to be called into question and they are left standing there in an unending existential crisis. Best revenge ever.

  7. Da Mighty Camel

    This logic is infallible!

  8. noisyparker

    They are surprisingly quiet… not even running chatter in reduced-size font. Then again, they were pretty quiet when combined, too. That should make them easier to ignore!

  9. Miesa

    hobo chic!

  10. boring7

    We seem to be thinking of the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal, from Douglas Adams amusing writings.

    @ Miesa, indeed, he has no shoes (or socks) a topper that’s burst, all he needs is some shabbification on his remaining clothes and a bottle of Midnight Hobo Liquor.

  11. Daniel

    Boring7 made me think…; Remember the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the to the Galaxy game that was released back in the 80’s?

    God that game was hard.

    On topic: Best. Logic. Ever.

  12. Physicsman

    @Daniel: they made game about that in the 80’s?!?!? Wasn’t that movie made in like 2005 or something?

  13. Midoriko

    @Physicsman: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a trilogy of five books (at least… Someone correct me) by Douglas Adams. The movie is… a bit of a sore spot. Is all I will say.

    On topic, shouldn’t we be seeing the shovel beam?

  14. Fedorov92

    One: Aric’s eyebrows are now becoming as epic as Lemmo’s bangs.

    Two: I was correct in my guess that Aric would continue to wear the ‘can o’ whoop-ass’ hat (pardon me for naming it, perhaps prematurely, but hey, that’s what we DO here) even with its top off.

    Three: Lemmo’s logic is infallible.

  15. DefierOfPhysics

    I didn’t notice the eyebrows until you pointed it out. They are beginning to grow…

    Also, Aric both decided to rock the ripped-top hat *and* looks rather hobo-esque! Hazzah! The way he is hunched over in panel 3 doesn’t help…

    Oh, how I wished Lemmo’s logic actually worked the way he claims it to. *sigh* Although “Then you weren’t ignoring them enough” is still a great comeback. I may need to use that at some point, although I am not sure how I will work that into typical conversation.

  16. boring7

    Perhaps the universe is expanding/reshaping and the shovel beam is no longer within sight of the broken map.

    I don’t think Aric’s eybrows are sticking out, I believe it is his nanoweave toupee being spiky and appearing to merge with his eyebrows due to perspective.

  17. Physicsman

    @Midoriko: I never new that (I’m only 16 so it’s understandable that I would know of ’em if there from that long ago) thx 4 telling me now I know.

  18. macksting

    It’s my understanding that no two adaptations of the Hitchhiker’s Guide series, be it radio program, novel, video game or movie, have precisely the same storyline. Common elements from one to the next, certainly. So, if this conversation gets you into the series, Physicsman, I really must warn you at least that discussions of the whole Adams body of work alone can get a little strange in my experience.

    I wonder if Aric is bound for hoboness.

  19. Megan

    oh noes :( They’re going to ignore the foxes, they’ll get bored of the two-legged ones and go romp around in Misty’s village instead!

  20. Physicsman

    @macksting: Thx 4 the warning. 

  21. boring7

    I’ve listened to the radio program, watched the miniseries and movie, and read the novels. I felt the movie was in some ways the most amusing and in others the most disappointing, they did the best Vogon I’d ever seen, but they also used a love story/happy ending for a series that held a consistent theme of an uncaring universe sprinkled with sarcasm, anticlimaxes, and silliness.

    In any even, moving back to the comic, does anyone know how many more regular readers are needed to get a 3-a-week update schedule?

  22. lemmo

    @boring7 We talked about this in the forums, I should probably mention something out here. We feel there’s a quality breaking point between 2 and 3 comics a week we just can’t commit to right now. I have a second kid on the way, and my wife and I work opposing shifts… a switch to 3 a week would result in potentially missed updates or a compromise in quality. Aric and I would like to move along the story faster, but we’d much rather run our tight ship of solid updates. I hope everyone can understand and forgive us for our predicament.

  23. DefierOfPhysics

    You have a second kid on the way? Congratulations!

  24. BlueSox

    Haha! Aric found uncle Waldo’s hat! (From the aristo cats)!!! Lol, I always new the cover thing… But I was jealous that my sister never had to worry about it… she had the top bunk… only monsters for me…

  25. TheBananaFish

    There is no, place I know, to compare to pure imagi- HOLY CRAP giant mechanical bugs!

    He looks like Willy Wonka.

  26. noisyparker

    @BlueSox Your bunk-sibling never accused you (facetiously, of course!) of being the monster under her bed? :3

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