Fair Competition


  1. macksting

    Reminds me of the tax protests outside my house. I live near a post office, you see.
    ‘Cause, you know, when you’re on the losing side of an argument it’s okay to espouse equality.

  2. Ray

    Aww, poor Lemmo. I hope he becomes king, he’d be a bit more sensible than Aric(No offense.). At least in my opinion.

  3. Toomuch

    Lol protest, if its nonviolent then its pointless, king aric doesn’t have the same ring as king Lemmo

  4. macksting

    re: Ray
    I’m not so sure about Lemmo being more sensible. I’ll certainly agree that he’ll be better-adapted, or at least more adaptable, to the bizarre circumstances of this world. However, I don’t think Lemmo would be sensible per se, or even particularly correct.
    Actually, I’m not sure he’d even do much as king. Ruling a kingdom might be precisely what high-strung Aric needs!

  5. xajek

    What about Lord Aric?

  6. xajek

    Has anybody noticed how long Lemmo’s hair is getting?

  7. Hellendrung

    I just noticed on Monday! Hooray for proper hair growth within comics!

  8. Renee87

    Sox has already beaten them there, so the town already has a leader.

    Just watch…it’s a village of foxes!

  9. capnprophetic

    I’m going to have to agree with macksting on this one, Aric would make a better king. Think back to when he made his bug-boat. What wasn’t regal about that image!?

  10. WeeGoblin

    The real question is ‘How big is Lemmos hair going to get?’ They’ve not been here (wherever) that long. And apart from hand juice, they haven’t eaten.

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