Farewell Kiosk


  1. Jloopy

    I like how the fox is actually leading the way.

  2. .

    it looks like a…. spaceship?

  3. MBizzle

    I just read all of this in the commuter center. Gold.

    I love all of the grammatical humor. I am an unbelievable nerd.

  4. MaxyDawg

    OooH! New thing! New thing!

  5. Hellendrung

    It looks like pizza. I hope it’s pizza.

  6. them1me1you

    it seems to me that whenever they are talking about something, it will show up or change. they talked about lemmo’s hat, and then, a hat. why was the shovel not reaching terminal velocity, bam! a fiery beam. lemmo’s hand, hand juice. socks, sock-fox. and now some sort of thing will show up, proving a purpose to all this. it is as if thier conversations can manifest objects in this alternate universe.

  7. them1me1you

    reminds me of Michael Crichtons “Sphere”

  8. ChibiR

    Nice comic, definitely going on my reading list. :D
    Love the concepts (like the Hand Juice and the Shovel Beam) and the setting of having two people stuck in a void. So many possibilities here, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with next.

  9. DThompson

    It seems that the universe is highly susceptible to suggestion.

  10. Wolfox

    two dots and a string… or is that three dots and a string? a boomerang?!? spider monkeys? Elvii (that’s Elvis, plural)?!? Oddly, it’s off to the side from the three “things” so far, well, technically off to the side of the shovel beam, so it’s definately something new, since they seem to have been continually walking in a straight line (over and over and over again)…
    either way, doesn’t help that I’m listening to Spinal Tap and just finished watching Cannonball Run…

  11. Renee

    I like the foreboding *boonk!*

  12. dʒəßikʌ

    Did we ever come back to the *boonk*? I’m rereading now.

  13. Thanatos

    I think the boink was the bug being born

  14. Physicsman

    Warning if u r new to this and haven’t read the whole thing yet I must inform u that I am about to give away a piece of information from later. If u hav read it already than feel free to read it.

    @Thanatos: actually I looked closly at it (I’m viewing it through my iPhone so the quality after zooming in is kinda blurry) and it kinda looks like the cookie palace.

  15. Me

    Bloop……………my favorite world Bloop Bloop Bloop

  16. NoriMori


    “reminds me of Michael Crichtons ‘Sphere’.”

    Good God, that was a terrible movie. Is the book better?

    Also, I just noticed…since Lemmo and Aric in the last two panels are moving towards the shovel-beam, shouldn’t the map be showing this? But it still shows them as standing in front of the map…

    And lol, “Boonk”. Best recently-coined onomatopoeia EVER.

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