Faulty Hippocampus


  1. noisyparker

    Holy heck! (and hee! at the name remembering :3 )

  2. Borednature

    this strip makes me think of myst

  3. Rozax

    Who hasn’t been faced with the situation where you’ve known someone for a semester, only to find that you’ve never caught their name, and then you’re stuck in an awkward position when you’re faced with the task of introducing this cool individual to a friend of yours?

    [run-on sentence!]

  4. macksting

    I’ve had to check a form to remember my own name. Twice, both times sober. The names of others are simply a lost cause, some days.

  5. Me

    Ive been in that position so many times….thank god for other people who know

  6. Eamon

    Does this remind anyone else of “The Dig” by Lucasarts, right when they first start exploring? More to the point, does anyone else remember “The Dig” at all?

  7. lemmo

    I got it off Steam during the holiday sales, but haven’t played it yet. Perhaps I should.

  8. Jalee1

    I once forgot my birthday when I was getting a new library card and I said 9 12 and my dad was all like Uhhh wanna try that again? And I thought for a few moments a was like Ohhhh!!! Sorry! It’s 12 9!!

  9. seananners

    Rozax,ur hilarious!

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