Finally Some Optimism


  1. Math_Mage

    Are those machines with eyes, or trapdoors being opened by, well, machines with eyes, or what?

    I wonder where they’re off to next.

  2. chlimaxe

    the cookies wouldn’t kill them, because then they would have to carry around the bodies

  3. UFOboy

    This gives “That’s the way the cookie crumbles” a whole new meaning… i like the new meaning, it has to do with giant robots.

  4. Renee

    Huh. So it IS the cookie palace.

  5. Physicsman

    Theroy: the problem that King Ginger wanted them to help him with is this.

  6. King ginger rules

    I think king ginger is gone what if the brotherhood of biscotti captured it and a cool trap door opens and they go into a spa that would be relaxing.But only if the trapdoor robot dudes came with them for a masage

    . Yes i do like to ramble

  7. noisyparker

    If they get rescued by the trapdoor robots then the King will hear of it.

  8. Shadows

    What if the trap door robots convince the giant cookie kingdom robot to a dance battle? The would be beyond epic.

  9. Midoriko

    But it has that energy around it again. What if it’s about to teleport somewhere?

  10. Evan

    It seemed kind of obvious. It is a non-existent white space. How many things could be shaped like the palace, but in robo form? Billions.

  11. Sampson

    Death is not a preferable outcome!

  12. Clockwork

    I’m pretty sure the trapdoor robots will reach out and grab them before the giant robot stomps

    (I’m new)

  13. Fedorov92

    At least we’ll find out if they can die or not… or not. Of course, they won’t die, but since I say that, they probably will.

    …. You know what? I should have given up analyzing this comic long ago.

  14. Clockwork

    I’m pretty sure the robots in the trapdoors are going to reach out and save them right as they get stomped…

  15. Clockwork

    Sorry about the double post D:

  16. Lipkin

    If they die, they’ll have to kill themselves to become alive again.

  17. Jethro Rayne

    I KNOW WHAT THE ENERGY IS !! O.o It’s the “ZERT” power used by Wendal! (ZERT! = sound made by the same blue electricity type-stuff to make Aric’s bug-sword grow to enormous size.)
    Ta-da, I’m smart. ;)

  18. Clockwork

    I thought of something random just now..
    What if the robot sat down and took Aric’s hat and sewed it back together? XD

  19. Mariehane

    I’m pretty sure that those trapdoor robots will drag Aric and Lemmo down into the place under the trapdoors…

  20. Zapheres

    Jethro! I oughtta hug you! >_< It biggified the parts of the cookie kingdom that are now its arms and legs! How they are controlling it is cookie magic I will not begin to think about. : P

    But something is figured out finally. :D

  21. DefierOfPhysics

    Part of me wants to agree with my fellow commenters who think the trapdoor robots will save Aric and Lemmo. However, the robots haven’t helped Aric and Lemmo at all before. Also, I don’t think Aric and Lemmo can go below the ground. After all, after the robots go away, the trap doors disappear.

    Does anyone remember how the shovel beam was made? Lemmo broke the ground, and there was nothing there. He eventually fell from the sky.

    How the robots move is a mystery, but I don’t think Aric and Lemmo will be able to move that way.

  22. boring7


    On the one hand, the rules of narrative say the main characters must be rescued from certain death to keep the story going.

    On the other hand, Lemmo and Aric seem to be contrarian writers.

    The hammer of fate descends once again upon the anvil of time. The metal gods are pleased.

  23. Physicsman

    New theroy: Lemmo and Aeic are in the Matrix.

  24. RGSwan

    Theory: Aric and Lemmo get squashed flat, and the Parasox take over as the protagonists. Soon after, 2 new Aric/Lemmo hats appear which the Parasox proceed to wear.

  25. Jonathon David

    OOOOH Looks like it’s the cookie-robot war! and there are the rouge cookies who are trying to overthrow the king… who, the brotherhood of biscotty, right?

    As for the robots, i think they are a catalyst, neither friend nor enemy of the humans, but will help them within the next 5 updates…

    Physicsman: Lemmo and Aric ARE the matrix!

  26. Physicsman

    @Jonathan David: Woah…

    P.S I agree with ur theroy about the robots.

  27. Ray

    Great, so the cookies are applying biggifying magic to things. BTW, didn’t they have a brief discussion over whether or not death exists in this universe a few strips ago?

  28. ShinLink

    I loled so much at noisyparker’s comment. I’m also starting to think that the trap doors will somehow be used for rescuing them.

  29. Flo

    well thank goodness the sock foxes aren’t gonna get stepped on!

    I wonder what the robots will do? distract it by dancing? I can only wonder…

  30. Shirasong

    Wow half the fun of reading this comic is all the comments people add!! Haha BlankIt rocks!!
    I think the newly named mist girl is inns coma and attack them for naming her, accidently knocking them out of the way of the cookie robot.
    Btw, it looks as if rhe robots ad the cookies are together in this–rhe cookie land IS a robot shape, after all.

  31. socksbot

    physics man rye problem with your theory is that Aric and lemmo didn’t know about the robot but it said they already couldn’t help so wouldn’t they know what it is

  32. Wolfox

    …between a cookie and a trapdoor place
    (ok, I admit, I couldn’t think of anything better – I tried!)

  33. Physicsman

    @socksbot: oh yeah I forgot yay they couldn’t help with the problem… Ok so my 1st theroy posted on this page is wrong, but I still stand by my Matrix theroy.

  34. blayde777

    i’m really curious about those trapdoor robots!!?

  35. Clockwork

    I bet a shovel beam will shoot from the ground and destroy the giant robot.

  36. DefierOfPhysics

    Clearly the tiny robots have found a way to misdirect the shovel beam. Clearly.

    New theory: Lemmo has super strength
    Another new theory: Aric’s hair emerges as a weapon
    Random other theory: Aric awakens as a technopath

  37. Zapheres

    @Defier: Never say “clearly” when theorizing about THIS comic. And as to your previous theory that Lemmo and Aric can’t go into the trapdoors, you forget that how the purple sea was made was that the “floor” was ruptured. So far underground we’ve found an infinitely repeating nothing, robotland (or transport system, or home base, will not discuss), and an infinite supply of purple something. Either there is something I’m really missing or there’s another plane entirely under the floor. And I still wonder about the “ceiling“. (ka-BANK) -.-

  38. vengerofthelight

    @Zaph: I think DoP know that, hence stating clearly twice. ^.~

    @DoP: The fact that you used “awakens” made me think of Shadowrun. Thank you. ^.^

    Random: Maybe the “Matrix” they’re theoretically in is more like Hot-sim Matrix from Shadowrun in a UV area dominated by an A.I…. [/geek]

  39. Physicsman

    @vengerofthelight: hmmm. Hot-sim shadow run matrix u say… (looks up shadowrun)… I like it!

  40. bluesox

    HAHAaaa!!! Cookie revenge is the worst!!! Run parasox run!!!

  41. Physicsman

    @Zapheres: I kinda agree with ur theroy as to what’s underground. I’ve thought of the underrground area consisting of multiple phenomenon depending on what happens on the surface. Like the shovel beam falling in to a void of nothing and looping back to the sky, yet the robots are able to move underground in what s probally a large tunnel system. The world of blankit has no “definable” laws of physics so ANYTHIG is possable. Which explains why stuff happens that contrdicts what ther stuff happened, because there are no rules for it to follow, therefore no contradictions take place. (what was my point exactly? I can’t seem to remember… Oh well. Physicsman out)

  42. E_is_for_Eric

    I found this comic thanks to the iPhone app-store at the end of December. I read all of the comics up to that point in one sitting, and I’m hooked.

    I want to see Aric and Lemmo avoid the kingdom-stomp, but the Cookie Kingdom have so much force that it falls through the floor. Wendall and the King can go to cookie hell! (zomg expletive)

  43. E_is_for_Eric

    *testing for avatar*

  44. Physicsman

    @E is for Eric: nice avatar! 

  45. E_is_for_Eric

    Thank you. I’m showing my support for “misty” as I’ve found the posters here have coined her. The suspense of not knowing her name is killing me! (I hope they don’t kill her off since that’s my avatar. I’ll be upset.)

  46. Zapheres

    There’s blue electricity around the whole cookieopolis where there wasn’t before! Except it’s not bigifying! Somethin’s gonna happen to it, I just know it!

  47. Bowserknight

    Maybe there are different sections under the floor. Like if you fall next tot he shovel beam, you come back to the stop. But go too far from the shovel beam and instead of a wormhole or whatever, there’s the network the robots use.

  48. Physicsman

    @E is for Eric: ur welcome.

  49. OJ

    I LOVE THIS COMIC SO MUCH!!! but I didn’t see the cookie palace coming, but what do you see coming!

  50. boring7

    Serendipity, I am currently building a shadowrun technomancer.

  51. Lankhmar

    Am I the only person who thinks they look sorta like sunglasses?

  52. Lemmo

    Actually, that’s what my wife said when I was drawing it. I had to add some more shading and dull down the glow just to make them look a little less like sunglasses.


  53. macksting

    Meh. There’s enough foreshadowing involved to make it clear what they are. It just also means that your robots are awesome. ‘Cause their trap doors and glowing eyes make them look like shades, and shades are awesome.

  54. AllCaps

    i loved that little dancing robot:)

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