Finding Consensus


  1. Sir Matt

    I love it. Especially Aric(s)’ comment(s).

  2. MarshmallowRadiation

    I guess it’s not too surprising that Shoes the tortoise can talk. I mean, Socks the fox could talk at that point too, but just chose not to.

    The real question is, why is (He? She? It?) saying the same thing as Marina?

    And how do either of them know Aric’s name? (just realized that Aric and Lemmo never introduced themselves by name to anyone, yet Marina somehow knew their names when they met back up)

  3. Ryan

    Presumably Lemmo told her whilst we were watching Aric get cookied.

  4. NoriMori

    I’m pretty sure Lemmo told Marina his name, and might’ve told her Aric’s name too, off-panel. Or we still don’t know how this freaky world works yet.

    Also, the other Aric may be called Aric too, so the turtle didn’t need to be introduced to know his name. And for that matter he may have been referring to ‘his’ Aric.

  5. Nexall

    this comic has taken on a whole new level of confusion and it’s awesome i love it.

  6. Bluudwurth

    Took me a second to realize that Marina and Shoes were speaing at the same time, which, a) how weird is it to be on the same page as a turtle, and b) Ohmygoditsatalkingturltemusthaverightnooooww!!!!

  7. ShinRaiten

    Are the aric/lemos from earlier wearing the same clothes as when our protagonists first showed up? I suppose I -could- stop being lazy and just look…

  8. Riverfox237

    @ShinRaiten: Nah, they aren’t. Pretty sure Aric has never worn purple pants before this. Or a t-shirt, for that matter. And I’m PRETTY sure Lemmo didn’t have a vest.

    It took me a minute to realize the turtle was talking, at which point Lemmo’s comment made more sense (the speech bubble pointy bit confused me). Interesting that Marina’s first reaction was to grab the turtle. And where the crap are they all RUNNING to, anyway? XD At first they seem to be running away from each other, but this clearly ceases to be a point when the two Aric’s meet up in the last panel and are now running in the same direction and together. So basically, everyone is running in circles. Which is pretty natural for people in this comic, come to think of it.

  9. Glew

    Well, at least they are not on a narrow corridor with a lots of doors. :) (well… not yet)

  10. ZaChaos

    Here is my question, Is that a new Shovle Beam or the old one?

    If its the old one, then the new pair isn’t on the same path as the old pair. If its not, then the old pair is in a new universe that is set a few events back.

    either way, I see lemmo being a spoiler

  11. Renee

    Is other-Lemmo wearing the original hat?

  12. MarshmallowRadiation

    @Renee Maybe Lemmo #2 was wearing a completely different hat originally and picked up the one Lemmo #1 dropped on the ground in the first place. Which would explain where Lemmo #1’s “improved” hat came from originally (a Lemmo #0)

  13. riverfox237

    @MarshmallowRadiation: …You just BLEW MY MIND because that would actually make SO MUCH SENSE. And this comic does have a weird tendency to occasionally make things actually make sense when we’re least expecting it. XD

  14. ShinRaiten

    “Stop, drop, and roll,” is so the flames don’t reach your head, but it might still be a good idea to try it, Arics.

  15. Chaos G'rothnir

    WOOOW.I have a theory. They’re in the same universe, but they’re duplicates, and their events are just happening at different times for both pairs. That would make some sense. And I go with marshmallow radiation, because it would somewhere explain where their clothes went in the beginning.

  16. Kid of Death

    Oh hello Time Paradox. This should be interesting.
    Also, hey again everyone. *waves*

  17. Ancade

    @MarsmallowRadiation & @Renee Lemmo #2 is wearing a blue hat, not a grey one; trust me, Lemmo #1 started with a grey hat. Proof:

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